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Best Hand Weights for Walking

Ankle weights are a popular method to amp up resistance for a walk, but ankle weights come with a number of drawbacks. They aren’t suited to all walkers. So how else can walkers get more out of their daily routine? You might be surprised to learn hand weights are

Best Ankle Weights for Women Walking

Ankle weights come in a surprising range of shapes, sizes, and styles, but their basic purpose always remains the same: to create additional weight for walkers and runners to resist. It’s like a gentle weights machine for your feet. The extra weight forces your body to fight

Best Walking Shoes for Nurses in 2016

When caring for the sick and injured, it’s important to keep on your toes. During an average 12 hour shift, nurses can walk up to four or five miles. This is a serious workout, even without the lifting, bending, pushing, and carrying that are part of a

Best Walking Shoes for Pokemon Go Gamers in 2016

Pokemon Go is sweeping the globe, drawing gamers of all ages outside to hunt for Pokemon, pick up gear from stops, and – most arduous of all – walking an endless path to hatch eggs. This makes for a lot of exercise, and it’s important to have

Best Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis in 2016

In Greek myth, the mighty warrior Achilles is felled by his one weakness – the vulnerable spot on his heel. The story inspired the name for the Achilles tendon, one of the most crucial tendons in your body. It controls every step, and if anything happens to

Best New Balance Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis in 2016

Nothing stops good walking habits faster than foot pain. Although there are many chronic and temporary problems that can hinder your steps, few are as frustrating as plantar fasciitis. We review the best New Balance shows for planter fasciitis. Why New Balance? They are just the best.

Best Walking Shoes for Casual Hiking

Hiking is, essentially, walking with purpose in a natural setting, but when people say they like to go hiking, they often mean very different things. Hiking could mean a strenuous adventure over rough terrain without paths, but some mean they take vigorous walks along trails. Others consider

Best Walking Shoes for Business Professionals

In a business world full of commuters, go-fors, lunch rushes, and deadlines, many business professionals face a terrible choice: should they wear unprofessional shoes that will enable their feet to survive the day, or should they suffer the pain of a less-than-professional limp at the end of

What Makes up a REALLY good Walking Shoe?

Wearing walking shoes that are good and fit your feet can counteract wounds, for example, pustules and calluses. Walking shoe ought to additionally be genuinely lightweight and give great shock absorption. In any case, not every walking shoe are made equivalent. Find the features and fit that

Top 5 Benefits of Walking

Walking is good for you. It’s the sort of common knowledge your mother, doctor, coworkers, and well-meaning friends like to remind you of on a regular basis. No matter what ails you, they say, a nice walk can fix it. There was even a Greek school of