Best Walking Wellies

Wellies, also called rain boots, are good for more than just rain. If you ever worked on a farm, you already know the practical side of these rubber or neoprene shoes. They protect you from sludge, mud, and water better than any other kind of shoe, and

Top Six Health Benefits of Walking for Seniors

Walking is great for everyone. It’s low-impact and appropriate for any fitness level. It’s especially great, however, for seniors. While patients of all ages may struggle with peripheral health conditions, seniors usually have more concerns, and they are often about more serious conditions. Walking has a number

Walking with a Group or Alone? What’s the Best?

We see walkers everywhere. You’ve probably seen a single walker make laps around the neighborhood, a group walk through the park, and a couple of friends follow a regular path around the city. Walking, like any exercise, can be performed alone or in a group. Which one

What Time of Day is Best to Walk?

So, you want to start walking, but when should you hit the path? Is it better to rise before the sun and hit the trail, or does an afternoon walk after work yield greater benefits? What if you’re a night owl? Learn the benefits of walking during

How to Pace Yourself While Walking

Walking is one of the best low impact exercises. It accommodates every fitness level and offers many health benefits. It’s a daily habit for many, a way to train for more demanding activities for others, and a defense against disease for others. Walking serves all these purposes

Best Walking Treadmills in 2017

Walking, one of the best low impact exercises available, is always a great idea. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Many people don’t have easy access to safe walking paths, and some simply prefer to walk indoors. A treadmill solves all these problems and more. Like any

Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Women with Flat Feet

Exercise is about overcoming obstacles, but some walkers face more challenges than most. Women who struggle with both weight and flat feet, for instance, face immediate pain and increased risk of injury. It’s important to fight back, but first, you need the right equipment. For walkers, this

Best Walking GPS for the Outdoors

Walking outside has tremendous benefits. One of the best perks is the absence of gym equipment, but one little device allows you to get the most out of your walks. This device is a GPS. Available in many shapes and sizes, there’s a GPS out there to

Free Walking Routine for Beginners

We’ve already gone over the best warm up and cool down stretches for walkers, but those stretches only work as part of a full walking routine. So, we’ve put together this simple guide to help you put together your perfect routine. We have suggestions and times for

How to Warm Down from a Walk

We’ve already discussed the benefits of stretching and the best way to warm up before a walk. In this article, we’ll explore how to stretch and cool down after your walk. There’s a quick overview of the process below, but this article will largely focus on specific