Top 4 Walking Habits for Weight Loss

The New Year has brought a wave of fresh resolutions, and now you’re facing the challenge you’ve set for yourself. Many people cannot launch themselves into the intense workouts advertised by celebrity trainers every year. Fortunately, walking is a great, low impact exercise with incredible potential for

The Best Formal Walking Shoes for Men in 2017

A long day at the office could mean a lot of time in your office chair, but many business professionals spend a lot of time on their feet. IT workers often spend more time answering callings for help and walking back and forth across the office than

How to Stop Calluses on your Feet from Walking

Have you ever found a rather unattractive thick raised pad of the skin on some part of your foot? Welcome to the world of calluses! In layman’s terms, a callosity is a section of the skin that becomes toughened due to regular friction or pressure. The most

Top Four Benefits of Morning Walks

Walking is one of the healthiest practices anyone can develop. Not only is walking a low-impact exercise safe for every age and fitness level, but it benefits the entire body and promotes life-long health. Starting a new habit can be tricky, though. Work eats up the majority

Best Walking Wellies

Wellies, also called rain boots, are good for more than just rain. If you ever worked on a farm, you already know the practical side of these rubber or neoprene shoes. They protect you from sludge, mud, and water better than any other kind of shoe, and

Top Six Health Benefits of Walking for Seniors

Walking is great for everyone. It’s low-impact and appropriate for any fitness level. It’s especially great, however, for seniors. While patients of all ages may struggle with peripheral health conditions, seniors usually have more concerns, and they are often about more serious conditions. Walking has a number

Walking with a Group or Alone? What’s the Best?

We see walkers everywhere. You’ve probably seen a single walker make laps around the neighborhood, a group walk through the park, and a couple of friends follow a regular path around the city. Walking, like any exercise, can be performed alone or in a group. Which one