ASICS Gel Frequency 2 Review

810CT1nqGUL._UX575_ If you’re reading this now, it’s probably because you’re looking to snag a pair of ASICS Women’s Gel Frequency 2 shoes and are wondering if it’s worth the buying price. 

Well, you’ve landed on the right page! 

You see, a couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity to review this footwear and test it out thoroughly for ourselves. And we’ve now decided to do a quick write-up to share our findings with you including highlighting some of the key features that stood out for us…and if purchasing this product is a smart decision. 

Alright, with that said, let’s get started…

First off, whether you’re an avid walker that covers plenty of miles per day or you’re someone that’s simply after a solid piece of footwear, the GF2 is an ideal choice that’s sure to leave you satisfied.

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Main Features

1) Super comfortable

Right off the bat, we noticed that these shoes were built for comfort. Simply put, you can easily walk for hours in them and hardly experience any soreness or discomfort. They are that good.

2) Superb support 

Many specialist foot doctors are of the opinion that this particular brand is the best, in terms of providing support for the arch and heel. This is a huge plus, especially if you happen to suffer from constant pain in the heel. 


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3) Incredibly light in weight

Furthermore, they are extremely lightweight and are an absolute breeze to walk in. Seriously, your feet will thank you for it! 

4) Sturdy and long lasting 

Another important factor when it comes to selecting top notch shoes is durability. Well, this footwear passes this test with flying colors as it’s made from solid, sturdy material that’s designed to last for several years. Say goodbye to rapid wear and tear – it’s certainly not going to be an issue (provided you use your shoes carefully of course!) and you need not worry about replacing it with another set too soon. 

Specifications At A Glance

100% polyester 
Lovely padded tongue and collar
Synthetic sole 
Breathable air mesh upper overlays 
Includes superior gel cushioning system
Removable sockline can accommodate orthotics 
Exclusive ASICS running style 
Available in bright, attractive colors 

The Bottom Line – Should You Buy This Product?


If you’re looking for high quality footwear that offers fantastic support and a terrific level of comfort, you cannot go wrong with a pair of ASICS Women’s Gel Frequency 2 shoes. It’s the kind of purchase that provides plenty of value for money and is likely to last for a long time to come.

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