How to Choose the best Walking Shoes for Wide Feet

wide feet

There are all kinds walking shoes for wide feet, but they have one thing in common, and that is they are designed to emphasize health and protection over style and elegance.

Walking shoes may not make you look exceptionally trendy, but they can keep your feet from developing various problems, like heel pain and muscle problems later on in life.

So if you’re looking for wide width footwear then here is some information to help you find what you need.

Here’s a table where I listed a few recommendations, but don’t skip the rest of the article!

ShoesFoot-TypeWide width?For Men or Women?Review
new balance 847
New Balance 1765
Stability shoe, also good for flat feet or high archesYesBothOur Review
new balance 1745
New Balance 1745
Neutral Walking shoe, for Overpronators/Supinators, good for high arches aswellYesWomen onlyOur Review
New Balance 847
Motion Control, good for people with flat feet and overpronatorsYesBothOur Review

What Features Do Wide Width Walking Shoes Have?

Wide width walking shoes are usually soft, padded and they feature non-binding linings. They also have cushioning, ergonomic soles as well as special insoles that help to relieve pressure off of your feet.

All of these features are designed to absorb pressure from your legs whenever you take a step. Furthermore, their cushions and spacious design are meant to give your feet extra breathing room in order to allow your feet muscles to expand and contract during walking.hiking shoes

It’s also worth mentioning that this kind of footwear ist relatively wider and less pointed than formal shoes. So even though they can have a lot of nice, attractive features, they are the kinds of shoes which are designed for casual wear. Make sure to check out the best walking shoes for women with wide feet.

Why is it Dangerous to Wear Sneakers That Are Too Narrow?

To put this into perspective, it’s important to remember that whenever we take a single step, our feet is met with pressure that is two to three times our body weight.

What this means is that if your shoes are too tight for your feet, the pressure that goes into them will not be distributed evenly.

This, in turn, will damage certain parts of your feet and may lead to several long term problems in the future, including heel pain, foot stress, Athlete’s foot, blisters, corns and even calluses.

However, it’s also worth remembering that “narrow” is a relative term. If your feet are fairly small then even a relatively narrow pair of shoes may be able to sustain your feet.

However, if you have large or wide feet then it’s best that you stick to large, therapeutic sneakers which are more suitable for the needs of your feet.

What is Important When Choosing This Type of Footwear?

outdoor trailWhen choosing the best walking shoes for wide feet, you don’t necessarily need to pick the shoes with the largest width.

What you should do, however, is choose a pair of sneakers which offer your feet a certain amount of space while for your feet walking.

What this means is that they must also feel soft to your feet and provide it with a certain degree of cushioning support. Furthermore, your shoes need to feel light, easy maneuver and offer a certain amount of balance while running or walking.

Finally, if you just can’t find a pair of shoes that you like then try looking at some popular brands, like Orthofeet, easyB, Apex or Genext. These and other similar brands will give you some idea of the kind of shoes that you should be looking for if you have very wide feet.

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