What are the Best Walking Shoes for Women 2018?

best womens walking shoesThe most important piece of equipment for walking is a pair of walking shoes. For most women, walking is one of the best low-impact ways to lose weight, improve your health as well as reduce the level of stress. Women of all ages and abilities can walk for health, whether around their neighborhood, at a local shopping mall or at the gym. No matter where you go for a walk or perhaps what your goals are, the most important aspect of your new routine is getting the best walking shoes for your individual feet.

My Top 10 Best Walking Shoes for Women

ProductTypeWeightMy RatingPrice 
New Balance WW1765V2new balance 847Stability8.8oz / 251g
Our Review
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New Balance WW1745new balance 1745Cushioning6.72oz / 192g$$$Click to see prices on Amazon.com
Brooks Addiction Walkerbrooks addiction walkerMotion Control11.9oz / 447g
Our Review
$$$Click to see prices on Amazon.com
Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2saucony-progrid-integrityCushioning 9.8oz / 278g
Our Review
$$Click to see prices on Amazon.com
New Balance WW847new-balance-847Motion Control9.2oz / 261g
Our Review
$$$Click to see prices on Amazon.com
ASICS GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4asics gel tech walker neoStability10.9oz / 289 g
Our Review
$$$Click to see prices on Amazon.com
New Balance WW665new balance 665Cushioning8oz / 227g
Our Review
$$Click to see prices on Amazon.com
ASICS Gel-Frequency 2asics gel frequency 2Cushioning8.2oz / 232g
Our Review
$$$Click to see prices on Amazon.com
New Balance WW928new balance 928Motion Control16.5oz / 468g
Our Review
$$$Click to see prices on Amazon.com
New Balance WW577new balance 577Stability11oz / 305g
Our Review
$$$Click to see prices on Amazon.com
Orthaheel Walkerorthaheel vionic walkerMotion Control13oz /369g
Our Review
$$$Click to see prices on Amazon.com

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Chart Legend and Information

What you can expect the shoes to look like
 Name Links to more information and option to buy
 Type Here you see what shoe fits your Foot type best
 Weight The weight of one shoe (lighter = better)
Price $$ = Under 50$
$$$= 50$ – 75$
$$$$ = 75$ – 100$
$$$$$= 100$ and up
Rating Our personal rating for this shoe at WalkingShoeGuide.com

You can sort by using the title of any column to your preferred topic. To find a shoe with a lower cost, just click the word Price at the top of the column to sort it from lowest cost to highest cost. When you’ve found a shoe that fits your needs, click on the name or photo of the shoe to check it’s current price on Amazon. Here you can use their check-out system to make a purchase or find other walking gear.

Sometimes this wide selection of choices may seem a little bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to worry you. If you take the time to learn about what types of shoes are available and identify the unique structure of your feet, then you are likely to make an informed decision, purchase a wonderful set of shoes as well as getting on your way to a better health and less stress.

Don’t go out and buy what is the cheapest or the most popular. There is no best shoe for all walkers but the best shoe for you is the one that ist comfortable, gives you proper support, flexibility, cushioning, and compensates for any stride problems you may have. Here we look at the best walking shoes for women of all ages but before jumping into that what do you look out for when choosing walking shoes? Here is the ultimate guide.

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What to Look For When Choosing Walking Shoes for Females?

For you to decide what you need in walking shoes for a woman and also determine which shoes provide the best support, it greatly helps to understand the basic mechanics of the human foot. Knowing this naturally, you will want to invest more in choosing the top walking shoes to offer complete support and protection. Here are the steps to consider:

Step 1. Understand Pronation

Pronation is the foot’s inward rolling from the heel to toe while walking. Choosing the right pair of walking sneakers will require you to understand the level of your feet pronation. Three levels of pronation exist which are based on walking style and bone structure of the feet.

Neutral Pronation: Walking with a neutral pronation enables you to strike the ground on the lateral side of the heel. This way the foot moves from heel to toe in such a way that the body naturally absorbs shock. This is definitely the most convenient way to walk since it reduces chances foot injury as well as pain. People with Neutral pronation can wear any walking shoes since they have flexible feet.

Underpronation: A person walking with underpronation strikes the ground on the heel, however they transfer the weight from the heel towards the lateral side of the foot. For this reason the body is unable to efficiently absorb shock. People with underpronation should wear shoes with the outer, mid and insole designed with great shock absorbers.

Overpronation: Those people walking with overpronation push off primarily from the big toe as well as the second toe thus the shock from the foot’s impact spread unevenly throughout the foot as well as the ankle. If not well taken care of, it is subject to severe pain in knee, foot or shin therefore it is recommended to determine what works for you best.



Step 2. Arch Type

It is very easy to discover the arch type which helps a lot in choosing the correct footwear. You can do a simple test of standing on a sheet of paper with the wet sole to form a sketch of your footprint on the paper. Three types of arches exist:

supinationHigh arch: High arch occurs when the sheet has an imprint of heel as well as the front of the foot. Most people with high arches tend to underpronate. Therefore choose a shoe with great sole shock absorbency in order to avoid injuries preferably a neutral shoe.


neutral pronationNormal/Medium arch: This is when the sheet has a print of half a foot arch. This is most ideal and common as the body is in a position to absorb shock easily. People with normal arch have neutral pronation therefore most shoes fit them but they should consider getting a neutral and stable shoe for that matter.


overpronationFlat arch: This is when almost the entire footprint is on the sheet of paper. Most people with flat arch tend to overpronate while walking which basically increases the risk of knee and foot injury. Quite amazing! People with this arch type need shoes provide more stability and motion control.


You can also watch this video to find out your foot type:

Another way to determine your level of pronation

  • Take a pair of shoes of yours and look at the wear pattern.


When the inside is more worn than the outside of your shoes, it means that you probably overpronate.

I recommend Stability or Motion control shoes.


pronation33Outside more worn than inside means that you underpronate (supination.

Recommendation: Neutral cushioned shoe with a flexible sole.



Same wear on both sides (normal)

Shoe recommendation: Stability shoe with normal flexibility


My favorite Models:

Click on one of the links below to get more info about the shoes.

Stability Shoes

These are recommended for normal feet as well as normal pronaters but may be most appropriate for those people with flat feet or high arches. Such include:

New Balance WW1765 Women’s Shoes : Grey/Pink in colour, this unique shoe is new to the 2017 list of walking shoes. It has a lot of cushioning for a comfortable feel made with more lightweight material. An ideal shoe I must say.

New Balance WW577. White in color, the WW577 has plenty of cushioning especially on the rear and fore foot to facilitate great shock absorption. Women rate this masterpiece highly in comfort, pronation control as well as arch support.

Asics GEL Tech Walker Neo 4 Women’s Shoes. White in color this shoe is new in our top list. It is built with Asics GEL cushioning with an added comfort and shock absorption which gives provides smooth walking or running for most women.

Neutral/Cushioning Shoes

These are top walking shoes for high arches as well as an underpronator/supinator.

New Balance WW655 Women’s Shoes: Comes in Pink colour, this shoe is great and built for comfort and durability. What’s interesting, its lightweight and breathable to keep your feet dry as well as happy all day long. The price is also very competitive!

Saucony ProGrid Integrity Women’s Shoes: White in color, this shoe provides lots of flexibility especially in the forefoot. It is a great shoe for those with high arches.

Asics GEL Fequency 2 SB Women’s Shoes: Black in colour, Asics GEL Fequency 2 SB is another new shoe on our top list. This shoe is lightweight, breathable and above all provides a great shock absorption.

Motion Control Shoes

These are well recommended shoes for flat feet and overpronators

New Balance WW847 Women’s Shoes: Different Colors are available for example: White/Grey, White/Pink, White/Blue, Black. This up to date style receives high remarks for comfort, cushioning as well as arch support. What’s more its breathable to keep your feet dry throughout the day.

Brooks addiction Walker Women’s Shoes: It is an all round, white fabulous shoe with enormous positive reviews. It is comfortable and lightweight with plenty of cushioning. In addition, it gives your feet extra stability needed thus preventing from rolling side by side.

Vionic Orthaheel Walker: White in color, this orthopedic shoe is made of soft material thus making it very comfortable. What’s more the technology offers lateral support which is very important for those who need pronation control. It is also a recommended shoe in case you like to use an orthotic insert.

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Neutral vs. Motion Control vs. Stability


1. Motion Control Shoes:

Motion control shoes are produced with a thick padded sole made of hardened material, made to amend your walk so that your stride doesn’t roll inwards as your weight rolls from your heel to your forefoot. They have a tendency to be a tad bit heavier, due to this, they are a very durable shoe.

2. Neutral Shoes:

A “neutral” or cushioning shoe is made for people with a neutral walking or running stride and for those who supinate (underpronate) or roll outwards in their foot stride. On the off chance that the wear on your shoes looks even on both within and outside heel, you are presumably a neutral runner.

3. Stability Shoes:

Stability has gradually become a term in the footwear industry for shoes that have any sort of corrective support. It does, however, still imply a shoe that has a level of corrective support less than that of a motion control shoe.

nordic walking

Choosing the right size

You should normally buy your walking shoes 1/2 size to 1 size bigger than your regular shoes. Feet will swell a size or more during a long walk or run. If your shoes aren’t big enough, it is likely you will end up with blisters, black toenails, and severe foot pain from this swelling.

The Need to Break In New Shoes

Most people need to break in a pair of shoes to help prevent blisters and other foot ailments. Do so before your old shoes wear out. First, you should wear the new pair around the house. Progress to a few short workouts, then move on slowly to longer distances.

replacing walking shoes

When Should I Replace my Walking Shoes

Walking and running shoes have a limited life span. With each step you make, you are breaking down their cushioning and support materials. By 400-600 miles, depending on your running style, body weight, and the surface on which you run, most shoes are worn out and need to be thrown away or saved for non-exercise purposes.

About halfway through the life of your walking shoes, you might consider to buy another pair of walking shoes to rotate into your walks. Your shoes will last longer when you allow them to decompress and dry between workouts. Having a new pair of shoes as a reference will help you notice when your old ones are ready to be replaced.

How to Make Your Shoes Last Longer

Only use your good walking shoes for walking. I have other shoes that I wear when I am working , shopping, etc. That keeps them fresh and saves them for when I really need features. Here are two tips to me them last longer:

  1. Use baby powder inside the shoes after you have been wearign them. It will keep them fresh and dry.
  2. When the soles wear out, consider re-filling them with Shoe-Goo.


Bottom Line

That’s it. My article about the best walking shoes for women 2017. I recommend trying several different pairs in order to find the best fit. Visit a shoe store that specializes in walking shoes and choose from the variety. Remember many choices exist for women’s walking shoes. But the best pair of womens walking sneakers is the one that fits your feet best. Therefore the choice is yours. Make the best!

Note: Dont forget to checkout my shoe guide for men. Also check out my article about my favorite walking socks before you go hiking! If you travel alot, look at my post about footwear choices for travel.

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