Brooks Addiction Walker Review

brooks addiction walker review“Oh, my aching feet” – how many times have you heard yourself saying that after a long day at work or just running around town doing errands? Well, ladies, relief is here.

The Brooks Addiction Walker is the new revolution in footwear. It has the fit and feel of a running shoe, but for walkers. It is doctor-recommended for those of us with sensitive feet. It provides foot protection and relief.

The motion control of the shoe limits excessive motion or overpronation that can occur causing flat feet. Flat feet are not genetic. Flat feet can occur when the arch of the foot collapses from being in contact with the ground too often. The stability of the shoe also provides a certain level of corrective support to keep the foot in place and to prevent feet from turning inward causing even more pain. This can also help in alleviating back pain as it has been a proven fact that some back pain is the result of how we walk and stand. The MoGo midsole cushioning is also great because it provides more energy for those of us that need more get up and go. It is also slip-resistant; therefore it is a great shoe for women that work in the medical and service professions who are on their feet all day and for those of us who need to walk during rainy or snowy conditions. 


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The shoes comes in a variety of sizes and colors. It comes in white, black, brown, “bone”-colored, and multi-colored to fit any lifestyle and wardrobe. The shoe also comes in the traditional, lace-up style. It can also be found in the Velcro strap-type closure for those of us who don’t have a lot of time on our busy hands and just want to get their shoes on and go!


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It is not a running shoe. It is too light to be a running shoe. It is a shoe that provides relief for those of us who over-do it by being on our feet all day. It is a corrective shoe to prevent further damage to be done to our feet. It is a stylish shoe for those of us who want the comfort and relief of a quality shoe, but who still want to look good! It is the right shoe for you. But, don’t take my word for it. Why not try a pair for yourself. Happy walking!

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