Best Pre-Walking Stretches

Every doctor, work-out video, and physical therapist remind us to warm up before exercise. Even though walking is not a strenuous form of exercise, it’s still important to limber up before hitting the path. There is more to stretching than simply... Continue Reading

How to Warm Up and Cool Down for Walking

If you are someone who likes to walk for fitness, it’s a good idea to properly warm up and cool down before and after you go on a walk. Warming up Benefits of a Proper Warm Up Increased Body Temperature – This improves muscle elasticity, also... Continue Reading

Best Walking Shoes for Nurses in 2018

When caring for the sick and injured, it’s important to keep on your toes. During an average 12 hour shift, nurses can walk up to four or five miles. This is a serious workout, even without the lifting, bending, pushing, and carrying that are... Continue Reading

Best Walking Shoes for Supination in 2018

If you are looking to get a walking shoe, then you need to consider several factors first as there is no one-size-fits-all approach when finding the best shoes especially if you have supination. So, what is supination? Supination refers to the... Continue Reading

Best Walking Shoes to Pair with Orthotics

If you have to wear orthotics, chances are you’ve already run the gauntlet trying to find good, supportive shoes that still have room for your inserts. Unlike regular inserts, orthotics are typically hard, rigid pieces designed to fix a range of... Continue Reading

Top 10 Jobs Most Benefitted by Walking Shoes

Walking is one of the best exercises you can enjoy, but not everyone walks for leisure and fitness alone. For many, walking is a matter of employment. Although a job that keeps you up and moving provides many health benefits over desk work, it... Continue Reading

How to Pace Yourself While Walking

Walking is one of the best low impact exercises. It accommodates every fitness level and offers many health benefits. It’s a daily habit for many, a way to train for more demanding activities for others, and a defense against disease for others.... Continue Reading

What are the Best Shoes for Pregnant Women?

Durable, comfortable and well designed shoes can play a very big role in a woman’s pregnancy. Not only can they make pregnant women comfortable throughout their pregnancy, they can also make walking, standing and sitting a lot more comfortable.... Continue Reading

How to Find the Best Walking Shoes for treating Plantar Fasciitis in 2018

If you enjoy walking and exercising but suffer from Plantar Plasciitis, you are probably very familiar with the often crippling pain that can come when you try to exercise. Although this might tempt you to stop walking, you should instead look... Continue Reading

Walking Beginner Guide

If you are just starting out walking, it can feel quite daunting… Where do you walk? What will the walk be like? What do you need to wear? What do you need to take? How exactly, do you walk? Lots of questions, but we’ve got the answers on... Continue Reading

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