The Best Post-Walk Snacks

If you’ve kicked off the year with a new walking habit, you might notice that you’re hungrier than you used to be. Your old snacks may not fill you up like they used to, and even though you should be seeing more energy thanks to regular exercise,... Continue Reading

Best Kinesiology Tapes for Walking

The best way for walkers to prevent injuries and shorten healing time is to warm up before they exercise and support the most delicate parts of their legs and ankles as they walk. While we’ve talked extensively about warm up routines in other... Continue Reading

Best High Visibility Walking Shoes for Women in 2018

Nighttime often proves to be an alluring time for walking thanks to the cooler weather and reduced traffic. Unfortunately, it does carry its own inconveniences – especially in terms of safety. Visibility is exceptionally important when it comes... Continue Reading

Best Hand Weights for Walking

Ankle weights are a popular method to amp up resistance for a walk, but ankle weights come with a number of drawbacks. They aren’t suited to all walkers. So how else can walkers get more out of their daily routine? You might be surprised to learn... Continue Reading

How to Choose the best Walking Shoes for Wide Feet

There are all kinds walking shoes for wide feet, but they have one thing in common, and that is they are designed to emphasize health and protection over style and elegance. Walking shoes may not make you look exceptionally trendy, but they can... Continue Reading

The Best Formal Walking Shoes for Men in 2018

A long day at the office could mean a lot of time in your office chair, but many business professionals spend a lot of time on their feet. IT workers often spend more time answering callings for help and walking back and forth across the office... Continue Reading

Best Shoes for Back Pain & What Are Their Features?

If you’re frequently suffering from back pain, you can reduce some or even eliminate some of that pain by purchasing the right kind of shoes. There are many kinds of shoes for this condition , and most of them were developed for people who have... Continue Reading

ASICS Women’s Metrolyte Walking Shoe Review

Just like the company’s name ASICS stands for the Latin phrase meaning, “A sound mind, a sound body”, each of their man-made shoes follows this philosophy closely, including the Women’s Metrolyte Walking Shoe. This shoe is the right balance for... Continue Reading

ASICS® MetroLyte™ Slip-On Women’s Walking Shoes

ASICS MetroLyte Slip-On Womens Walking Shoes Unisex shoes are great, but having shoes designed specifically for women would greatly benefit many who have a dire need for shoes with the right fit and of course, style. Women’s shoes have a... Continue Reading

ASICS GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Review

GEL-asics Tech Walker Neo 4 Click here to see reviews and prices for the Asics Gel-Tech Walker Neo 4 on ASICS Women’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 fits categorically as a stability shoe. Stability shoes have a firmer material on the medial... Continue Reading

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