ASICS Gel Foundation Workplace Women Shoe Review


Asics Gel Foundad Workplace Women Shoe

For walking or running shoes, most manufacturers only create them with a unisex design. It is to cater to both genders wanting the same design and features. But some companies such as ASICS have taken their time to make shoes, specifically for women to provide them with the proper fit, style, and comfort their feet need when taking their daily walks or doing their tasks.

ASICS is a well-known shoe manufacturer that has dedicated many years in trying to perfect their designs and level of comfort their shoes provide. The ASICS® GEL-Foundation® Workplace Women’s Walking Shoes are made with the latest technological advancement. And they continue to be more innovative in most of their designs while not affecting the prices of their products. Their mission—to give their customers comfort and satisfaction.


  • The shoes are made of imported leather and rubber materials.
  • The GEL® Cushioning System is a technology applied to the forefoot and the rearfoot area of the shoes for strong
  • The midsole uses SpEVA™ foam which improves shock absorption and rebound properties of shoes.
  • It has slip-resistantsoles which providegreat
  • Features the OrthoLite® sockliner for moisture management which complement higher bounce-back properties.
  • It uses US sizing and is made to cater to a wide range of sizes.
  • DUOMAX™ technology supports by reducing the stress on your feet caused by overpronation.
  • The collar is well-cushioned and allows proper air circulation.


  • The design provides the right amount of air flow. Wearing the shoes all day does not tire out your feet.
  • It can be used to walk over slippery surfaces such as tiles or wet floors with no trouble at all due to the stability and traction provided by the rubber soles.
  • The shoes can withstand certain outdoor conditions such as thin mud or water. It does not make the rubber brittle as the shoes dry up. High durability from high-quality materials.
  • For a reasonable price, the shoes can compete with other expensive and top-quality shoe brands.
  • The foam on the middle part of the shoe is ideal for feet with high arches. It does not give you any pain due to the support it provides.

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  • Decreased slip-resistance over a short time or intensive use. As much as possible, avoid using the shoes over rough Frequent contact withrough surfaces can destroy or wear out the rubber resulting in less traction.
  • Feet with average length but with a larger width can take up all the space making the shoe collar a bit tight as it has a solid cushioning system.


The ASICS® GEL-Foundation® Workplace Women’s Walking Shoes will fit a lady’s feet perfectly and comfortably. It has cushioning in the interiors of the shoe and provides excellent support for walking. Also, the GEL® Cushioning System reduces stress and pressure on your feet and legs because it absorbs the impact and the weight of your body.  This is, in general, is a great shoe for day-to-day wear for women.

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