ASICS® GEL-Quickwalk™ 2 SL Men’s Walking Shoes


Asics Mens Gel Quickwalk 2 Sl Walking Shoe

Looking for the right pair of walking shoes seems to require much effort on your part because of so many options and varieties of shoes. Adding to that, claims of different product brands and manufacturers about their shoes being the best and the most ideal for you will further add confusion to the task.

Fortunately, many e-commerce websites provide ratings and feedback systems where customers are allowed to give their thoughts about the products. A particular product like the ASICS® GEL-Quickwalk™ 2 SL Walking Shoes has satisfied so many customers leaving countless positive feedback and recommendations. This product has shown its worth and has been serving people with the right support and comfort their feet deserve.


  • This shoe comes in two color combinations. One in black/silver/onyx color and the other is white/black. Price for both colors is the same.
  • The shoes have rubber soles that provide excellent traction.
  • It has waterproofing features.
  • The shoes do not make a lot of noise upon impact.
  • The upper part is made of imported leather.
  • The tongue and collar of the shoes are padded for additional comfort.
  • It has the GEL® Cushioning System that makes the shoe shock-absorbing and lessens the impact on the feet.
  • These comfortable shoes are sold at a reasonable and affordable price.


  • The shock-absorbing feature is terrific as it lessens the stress on your feet upon impact of every step.
  • The rubber soles are perfect for outdoor walks during the wet season thanks to its great and reliable traction. No more slipping and sliding equals fewer accidents and trips to the hospital.
  • You can worry less about the shoes getting water damage as it is highly resistant to water.
  • High-quality materials and construction of the shoes make it very durable. It does not easily wear or tear.
  • It feels very light as you walk. You’d think that you are not wearing a shoe!
  • The level of comfort it provides is could closely compare to expensive high-end shoes given that its price is very much affordable.


  • The shoe manufacturers have poured so much effort into developing a cushioning system that it retains heat and would be very uncomfortable to wear during the hot season.
  • Regardless of the size of the shoe, the overall design makes it too narrow for an average-sized foot. The manufacturer should consider resizing.
  • Some parts of the shoes are made of synthetic leather.
  • The design of the shoe does not cover air circulation. Your feet can not breathe or be provided the proper ventilation it needs.


A slight adjustment can be made to take care of the model’s disadvantages. The features and pros, however, for a reasonable price, won’t make you ask for more. Made with great innovations and the latest technologies such as the GEL® Cushioning System, this makes the shoes easy and comfortable to wear and non-stressful on the feet. It does not strain your feet when walking or wearing it for a long time. It deserves the good ratings and recommendations.

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