ASICS® MetroLyte™ Slip-On Women’s Walking Shoes


Unisex shoes are great, but having shoes designed specifically for women would greatly benefit many who have a dire need for shoes with the right fit and of course, style. Women’s shoes have a particular size and shape— they’re much narrower and much slimmer compared to men or unisex shoes. The form of the feet, the arches, length, and width also differ at a large scale.

Women only have few options when it comes to walking or rubber shoes since most designs lean towards a unisex appearance (applicable to both genders) or could be a tad bit masculine for their taste. Fortunately, the ASICS® MetroLyte™ Slip-On Walking Shoes has been made available to cater to the needs of not only men but also women. From the soles, up to the collar and from the forefoot down to the rear part of the shoes, these shoes have been designed by ASICS to support and give comfort to the small feet of women.


  • With great aesthetics and a colorful design, the manufacturer offers different color combinations for you to choose from. Prices per color are the same.
  • It is made from imported, high-quality materials including the rubber sole and synthetic leather.
  • Some parts of the shoe are made of breathable fabric to allow better air flow inside the shoe.
  • It is a slip-on type. It does not require you to tie any laces to wear them and not trip.
  • The entirefootbed of each shoe is well-cushioned for your comfort and support.
  • The shoes are so lightweight you can forget you’re even wearing them.


  • The slip-on feature allows you to wear and take off the shoes fast and efficiently. It is ideal for days where you’re in a rush. You can easily slide your feet in.
  • It provides zero bulkiness and is very light on your feet. Lifting your feet is easier.
  • It has a perfect sizing. The size of the shoes, even if it is a size 10 or 8, is accurate with the standard set.
  • Versatile—these shoes can be worn casually, for walking or if you want to make a fashion statement.
  • It gives you the right amount of traction needed on slippery floors or surfaces.


  • The foot bed has cushioning but not enough to give you the right amount of support during a long walk or work.
  • The fabric is not made to withstand certain outdoor conditions.


These shoes are another great product from ASICS. The slip-on feature makes it perfect for women to easily slip in and slide their feet inside the shoes without worrying about tying any shoelaces to secure it and not trip on them. The ASICS® MetroLyte™ Slip-On Women’s Walking Shoes is a product worthy to be worn by women. It has great colors, patterns, and a cool style. The shoe’s appearance can catch any lady’s eye looking for the perfect walking shoes. It also offers the right amount of support and traction for a nice walk.

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