Best Shoes for Back Pain & What Are Their Features?

If you’re frequently suffering from back pain, you can reduce some or even eliminate some of that pain by purchasing the right kind of shoes.

There are many kinds of shoes for this condition , and most of them were developed for people who have all kinds of back injuries.

So if you would like to know more about these kinds of footwear and what they have to offer then here’s some information that may interest you.

What Causes Back Pain?

Most cases of back pain are triggered by seemingly ordinary activities, like excessive exercise or heavy lifting, but they can also gradually get worse over time. If allowed to get worse, these seemingly minor problems can result in minor sprains, muscle injuries as well as irritated nerves.

Possible causes of pain in the back include:

  • Excessive Walking
  • Overstretching
  • Lifting Heavy Objects
  • Sitting in the Same Position for Several Hours
  • Sitting in Hunched Position
  • Overusing Certain Muscles
  • Using or Wearing Items That Cause Increasing Stress On Your Muscle

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Can Bad Shoes Cause lower Back Pain?

Yes, and this is because your feet are the like the foundations of your body. How you move or relax your feet will influence other parts of your body over a certain amount of time. So if the proper posture of your feet is disrupted by bad shoes then back pain will be one of its result.

Shoes which cause back problems are usually those that offer bad support to the rest of the body. A couple of good examples include high heels and flip flops, both of which disrupt the natural posture of our feet. So if you want to avoid back pains then it’s important that you choose your footwear wisely.

What Features Do the Best Sneakers for Bad Backs Have That Normal Shoes Don’t Possess?

There are all kinds of shoes designed to give back support, and they all share certain characteristics and features. Here are some very important examples:

1. They provide motion control. A good example of this are running shoes, which help to regulate the movement of each foot’s muscles while in motion.

2. They cause the front of middle part of your feet to strike the ground rather than your heels. A good example of this are minimal shoes, which are designed for long walks and travel.

3. They provide extra support. By offering extra support for your feet, shoes which are designed for bad backs are able to prevent abnormal movement, which is one of the leading causes of feet-related back pain.

4. They are made from plastic or graphite. Plastic, graphite and other similar materials are able to prevent abnormal motion.

So what are my recommendation for shoes to prevent back problems?

Honestly, it depends on the activity you are doing.sittin on a desk

Back Injury from sitting on a desk?

If you walk alot or do fitness-walking, take a look at these guides to see my shoe recommendations:

  • For Women
  • For Men
  • For Walking on concrete
  • For High Arches
  • For Travel

The most important part is to find out you individual foot shape, and then move on from there.

There’s no allround best shoe for everybody. Everyones foot shape is different, some need arch support, other need protection against inward rolling, and others might only need a little bit of cushion to walk pain free.

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