Best Dog Boots To Protect Your Pets On Long Walks in 2018


Walking Dog

For avid walkers – as many dog owners are – finding the best dog boots is just as important as finding a comfortable pair of walking shoes. While dogs might have pretty tough paws, long walks over rough sidewalks can definitely take a toll especially under adverse conditions.

If you’ve ever stepped on concrete barefoot in the summer, you already know how high the temperature of pavement can get under the hot sun. Of course, winter brings its own challenges including sharp compacted ice, and especially the street salt that can cause burns after prolonged exposure. Even on nice days, hiking trails carry the looming threat of hard-to-see thorns and burrs, while city streets often host hidden dangers like broken glass.

Similar to how you would strap on a pair of good walking shoes before embarking on your favorite route, there are plenty of great dog boots on the market that can help protect your pet’s precious paws the same way.

Best Walking Shoes For Dogs

Finding the best walking shoes for your furry companion doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does require a little planning. You may decide to invest in all-season boots that can handle harsh winters just as well as they can handle scorching summers, or you might decide to buy a few different pairs to accommodate everyday walks and seasonal extremes alike. Which dog boot style is right for your pet? The following reviews might help you decide.

Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boot Review


Easy to put on and difficult to slip off, these dog shoes include two velcro straps to ensure a snug fit even on the longest walks over uneven terrain. They’re constructed from water-resistant nylon for all-weather wear. Environmentalists are sure to appreciate that the soles are made from recycled tire material, while dogs will love the temperature protection and skid-resistance this material provides. These dog shoes are available in four sizes from small to extra large.

Customer Sentiment

Owners note that, like all dog shoes, it takes a while for pets to get used to wearing something like this on their feet – but the funny walks do lead to lots of laughs. Some customers found it difficult to measure their pet’s feet to find the right size, and on some occasions a too-tight fit ended up wearing on the dog’s paws much like an ill-sized shoe would. Overall, Ultra Paws owners found these boots useful for summer and winter months – and some even found them useful indoors to protect floors from sharp claws.


  • Machine washable
  • Durable construction
  • Appropriate for all seasons
  • Velcro straps prevent slippage
  • Available in three fun color schemes


  • Not rated for extreme temperatures
  • Difficult to size

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Petacc Water Resistant Dog Shoes Review


Petacc dog boots offer water-resistant protection for wet conditions, while the rubber soles help to protect paws from the discomfort of hot pavement or snowy ground. These shoes are one of the few models that include anti-slip tread suitable for slippery surfaces like ice or wet stone. Each boot fastens with two reflective velcro straps to ensure a snug fit and better visibility while walking at night.

Customer Sentiment

Reviewers find these dog boots to provide a great value for the price, almost half the cost of comparable products. Sizing instructions seem accurate and easy-to-follow which reduces the risk of the shoes slipping off during walks. Customers note that these dog boots seem stiff and uncomfortable at first, but report that they soften up very quickly with use.


  • Anti-slip tread
  • Reflective straps
  • Cute paw embroidery
  • Durable and long-wearing
  • Water resistant


  • Hand wash and air-dry only
  • Only available in black

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Pawz Disposable Dog Boot Review


Each pack of Pawz includes twelve slip-on booties. Although these are technically disposable, most dog owners find that they’re durable enough to use repeatedly under normal usage conditions. These boots are composed of 100% biodegradable natural rubber, offering superior traction on slippery surfaces while also ensuring a secure no-fuss grip on dog paws. These dog booties don’t require any straps or zippers so dogs and owners can just “get up and go”.

Customer Sentiment

While these boots are not the best choice to protect paws from extreme hot or cold temperatures, buyers found them useful for keeping ice and mud from building up between dog toes. These slip-on booties seem to bother dogs less than thicker boots do, both during the fitting process and during prolonged use. Some reviewers note they use Pawz indoors to provide better grip on slippery surfaces for dogs that have hip trouble.


  • Available in 7 bright colors
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Easy to rinse and clean
  • Non-slip
  • Stays on


  • Not appropriate for extreme temperatures

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Final Thoughts

You wouldn’t walk the city streets or forest trails without shoes, and now your dog doesn’t have to either. But which type of dog boot should you choose? If you want something easy to keep paws clean during daily walks, a simple pack of slip-on booties like Pawz might be right for you. Or, if you’re looking for something extra-durable to provide protection against extreme conditions, you might find the Petacc or Ultra Paws models to be the best investment.

If you have trouble finding a pair of dog boots that fit your pet, consider picking up a pair of dog socks to help take up any extra space to reduce slippage. Socks can also add a little more insulation during the hottest and coldest days. But, to get the best value for your money, it’s always better to measure and double-check the sizing charts before ordering your dog boot brand of choice.

Although you might need specialty dog ware to prepare for a desert trek or Iditarod race, the all-season dog boots outlined in this guide are sure to keep your canine healthy and happy – and even quite stylish – for those daily walks you both enjoy.

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