Best Shoe Inserts for Walking in 2018


Long time ago, people who were seeking to correct imbalances in their feet tend to invest hundreds of dollars for custom-made orthotics. Today, however, people can take advantage of over-the-counter shoe inserts that are designed to help improve their walking and running experience. However, there are some people who consider shoe inserts as nothing more than just a marketing hype. According to them, a good sockliner is good enough help them get through the day. This article will discuss some of the benefits of the best shoe inserts for walking in order to provide everyone a clear picture of their importance.

The Importance of Shoe Inserts

Best Shoe Inserts For Walking

If you are one of those people who stand and walk the entire day, choosing the best shoe inserts for walking makes sense. Comfort shoe inserts help reduce the soreness and fatigue in your foot brought about by excessive standing on a hard pavement. Having a comfort shoe insert in your shoe can help a lot especially if you stand most of the time. However, you will not feel any different if you are walking around. You should not expect a large impact in terms of control or comfort when you tend to walk around most of the time as this type of shoe insert is intended for those who have activities that do not extend much beyond standing.

On the other hand, a support shoe insert helps firm the arch support of your shoes while providing you with a heel cup that prevents you from slipping. There is a wide array of support shoes inserts available in the market and most are recommended to those who are living an active lifestyle. Support insoles are ideal for those who are always-on-the-go just like people who need to walk the entire day because of their profession. This article will give you a preview of some of the best shoe inserts for walking in the market.

Best Shoe Inserts for Walking Reviews

SOLE Thin Support Custom Footbed Review

The SOLE Thin Support Custom Footbed is made from some of the best materials in the market. Its main layer is made from high-density EVA or Ethyl Vinyl Acetate foam that is highly contoured in the arch and heel region while providing your footbed with ample amount of integrity and support throughout the day.

It can also provide you with great comfort as it wicks moisture in your feet leaving you feet feeling cool and fresh. This shoe insert I highly recommended to be used with cycling shoes, ice skates, sports cleats and ski boots. It also features an equalized pressure distribution which helps eliminate stress and fatigue in your foot.

Another notable thing about this shoe insert is that it helps reduce plantar fascia strain while increasing the shoe’s balance and feel. It also comes with an enhanced alignment to provide you with the best walking and running experience. It also comes with an improved natural heel cushioning for added comfort and support.


  • Comfortable
  • Great support
  • Impressive cushioning


  • No major cons

SOLE Ed Viesturs Custom Footbed Review

The SOLE Ed Viesturs Signature Series Custom Footbed is tested in some of the most demanding weather condition and terrain by world-renown Ed Viesturs. These great-looking shoe inserts are ideal for long walks, hiking, and even mountaineering. These shoe inserts are ideal to be used in high-volume running shoes.

The SOLE Ed Viesturs Signature Series Custom Footbed incorporates a heat-moldable three-layer design that provides you with a personalized fit while ensuring ample support for your foot. It also helps in motion control and shock absorption. Also, it can be worn with or without heat-molding in order to achieve the right amount of support.

It also features 3.2mm thick SOFTEC open-cell urethane in the middle layer of the shoe insert that helps provide you with great durability and shock absorption for long-lasting cushioning comfort. The SOLE Ed Viesturs Signature Series Custom Footbed also comes with an Opti-Therm Molding indicator which turns black when insoles are ready to be taken out from the oven. Last but not the least, the shoe insert also comes with aggressive and deep heel cups that help provide support and better pronation control for a plush yet static walking or running experience.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Great shock absorption
  • Personalized fit


  • No major cons

Montrail Enduro Sole Review

The Montrail Enduro Sole shoe inserts are some of the most comfortable heat-moldable insoles in the market. It helps enhance the performance of any footwear by several folds. It is ideal to replace your worn out shoe inserts or customize the fit of your new shoes.

The Montrail Enduro Sole comes with molded base flexes that help you get through the gait cycle with ease. It also features a thermo-moldable foam that effectively molds to anyone’s unique bone structure and foot shape, providing you with better contact to the surface area and improved shock absorption. It also comes with a synthetic abrasion-resistant top sheep that helps improve durability and wicks away moisture


  • Durable
  • Great support and comfort
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Perfectly fits any type of feet


  • No major cons

Final Thoughts

Wearing your footwear is not enough to get you throughout the day. Although most shoes sold in the market have their own star-studded features, it won’t hurt to further improve their performance. Making use of high-quality shoe inserts can provide you with better walking and running experience. You can check out the best shoe inserts for walking reviewed above and see which one suit you best. Remember that shoe inserts need not to be considered as an option as they are essential in any shoes.

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