Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete

If you are walking on concrete all day, you need good shoes. Shock absorption is a must! Look out for a comfortable footbed and arch support.

If the shoe doesn’t fit properly, you can even injure yourself. Man people report about leg- and back pains. If your feet are rolling inwards and your shoe doesn’t have motion control support, your knees will suffer.

At first you should determine your pronation level, then find a shoe fitting to your foot type. I wrote a detailed guide about that here.

ProductGenderWeightOur RatingPrice 
New Balance 928Men and Women16.5oz / 468g5 Stars$$$Click to see prices on
ASICS GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4Men and Women10.9oz / 289 g4.5 Stars$$$Click to see prices on

Are you a fitness walker or looking for shoes to wear in in the city?

A fitness-walking-shoe looks like a running shoe, but has different mechanics. In fitness-walking you strike the ground with your heel first, the force has to be transferred eveny over to the mid- and forefoot. Drawback: The sports shoe design isn’t really something for the city, but there are still some conservative designs.

If you are looking for a fashionable walking shoe, look for something without a high heel. When you HAVE to wear heels, look for shoes with a low and/or broad heel. The force is transferred a little bit more evenly and you have a much firmer stand.

Don’t forget to get some socks that fit properly!

You have to walk on concrete all day? Have a look at these shoes:

Here you can see three models which I would wear, if I had to walk on concrete every day:best shoes for walking on conrete all day

Dansko Elise

Dansko Elise

dansko elise

If your think this is a “standard” shoe, you are wrong. The Dansko Elise is packed with technical features:

  • Lightweight, with a very flexible sole.
  • Low profile, your foot is much closer to the ground, what supports a natural walking stride.
  • Water resistant leather.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Then neopren collar provides a snug fit, without constricting movement.

Perfect for city walks on firm ground. You can also wear themn on an occasional offroad walk, like when you are traveling and don’t want to bring another pair. Good allround shoe. Fits best to feet with a neutral pronation. It comes in 17 different colors and is available for women only.Click here to see reviews and prices for the Dansko Elise on

New Balance 928

new balance ww928

A classical walking shoe. Superb arch support, perfect example for a motion control shoe. As it’s coming in only two colors (black and white), you can wear it on both fitness walks or when your are shopping in the city. The midsole is on the thicker side, that means: Very comfortable, and good support for your feet. Bad: The shoe is a bit heavy. Available for both Men and women. Here’s my review.Click here to see reviews and prices for the New Balance 928 on

Asics Gel Tech Walker Neo 4

asics gel tech walker neo 4

A sports style shoe, designed for fitness walking. I love it’s breathability and the light weight. When you have flat feet, go ahead and buy this model as it has a wide toebox. People with bunions love this model! The Tech Walker is a stability shoe which prevents your foot from rolling outwards, but you can also wear it if you have a normal walking gait. Available for men and women. Colors: Black/Silver, White/Ink. Review.

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