The Best Slip-On Walking Shoes for Women in 2018


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Bending to tie laces isn’t just frustrating. It can actually be extremely difficult for many women with back problems. Pregnant women have infamous struggles with shoes and socks alike during their final trimester. Walking, however, is still a fantastic exercise for just about everyone, and wearing good shoes is the key to avoiding injuries. Slip-on shoes are easy to find, but they aren’t all suited to lots of walking.

How to Pick the Best Slip-On Walking Shoes

The best slip-on walking shoes have support. Ballet flats and dress shoes may be cute, but they lack critical arch support and other important features. They also have poor grip, which is imperative in a good walking shoe. Like all walking shoes, slip-ons still need a slightly raised heel. This reduces stress, especially along the calf and heel. Finding slip-on shoes that have the right balance between comfort and support can be tricky, but always remember that shoes should be comfortable the first time you wear them. Trying to break in shoes can seriously hurt your feet, ankles, and lower back.

The Best Slip-On Women’s Walking Shoes Available in 2017

Even with these standards, there are lots of options for women’s slip-on walking shoes. We’ve sorted through some of the best. Below is our list of the best slip-on walking shoes for women in 2017, including features, customer sentiment, and summary lists of pros and cons.

Champion Women’s Solstyce Slip-On Review


This slip-on shoe has the high, padded collar common in lace-up walking shoes. This feature is important for walkers who need extra ankle support. It’s a light shoe with lots of breathable mesh to prevent sweaty feet. A memory foam insole provides cushioning and makes every step comfortable. The unique stretch lacing on the top of the shoe allows this traditional walking shoe design to function as an easy slip-on.

Customer Sentiment

Previous buyers praised these as perfect light walking shoes. Several noted the great arch support, and many talked about enjoying long walks and vacation tours with this product. The shoes also live up to their name as slip-on shoes. Users commented on how easy they were to put on and take off. They run true to size, though customers with wider feet may have a little trouble with toe space.

  • Benefits of traditional walking shoe style
  • High collar
  • Memory foam insole
  • Reportedly easy to put on and walk in
  • Lightweight materials will degrade relatively quickly

Sketchers Women’s Breathe Easy Big Bucks Review


A suede and mesh upper makes this shoe incredibly breathable. The low collar may pose a problem for walkers who need ankle support, but this feature also improves the shoe’s breathability. Some arch support shows on the outside, and the elevated heel is clearly visible. Although the heel isn’t particularly high, it would still work for casual walking needs. A memory foam insole ensures wearers have a comfortable walk.

Customer Sentiment

Despite the low collar, users praised not only the shoes’ arch support, but also its ankle support. This style is popular with travelers who need to frequently remove their shoes at security points. The shoes may be slightly too short according to some users, and a few had difficulty putting them on. One or two previous buyers received faulty products. The sole came loose soon after purchase. The shoes may also be difficult to return based on reports of bad customer service.

  • Lightweight
  • Travel-friendly
  • Memory foam insole
  • Highly breathable
  • Reportedly good for walking
  • Low collar
  • May not be easy to put on
  • Customer service and defect problems

Easy Spirit Women’s Ellicott Walking Shoe Review


Although this is a slip-on shoe, a zippered vamp does allow users to put on the shoe more easily. For users suffering from swollen feet, this feature may come in handy. The upper is made of mesh and suede for durability and breathability. The heel is one and half inches, which makes it perfect for walking support. The inside sports lots of cushioning and an EVA midsole. Wide sizes are available for all Easy Spirit shoes, which helps ensure the right fit for every walker.

Customer Sentiment

Some customers were able to slip these shoes on and off. However, several previous buyers also pointed out the benefits of the extra space and simple closing for aging relatives with arthritis. These shoes provide excellent traction without being too clunky. Heavy shoes, or shoes with wide soles, often create tripping hazards, especially for wearers who move quickly or have poor balance. A few previous buyers said that different colors may be slightly tighter or looser, even in the same size.

  • Optional zipper opening
  • Good grip
  • Reportedly good for walking
  • Unreliable sizing
  • Slip-on function may wear out elasticity of the collar area

Final Thoughts

Slip-on shoes don’t have to be cheap, poorly designed flats. Ease of use doesn’t always equal lack of support. All of the above shoes meet the majority of the standards for an excellent walking shoe. Not only are their features sound, but the customer sentiment they’ve earned proves their value. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional walking shoe or a low-collared sneaker for an aging relative, you have lots of options.

Ultimately, everyone decides what shoe is best based on personal preferences and conditions. Some previous buyers for the shoes listed above left great praise for the shoe, but explained bony protrusions or unusually shaped feet prevented them from enjoying their purchase. A great shoe for one customer doesn’t mean the shoe is a great fit for all customers. However, of all the shoes listed above, the Champion walking shoes won the best feedback. These shoes also had the best features for walkers, including a supportive collar. They may not be the perfect fit for everyone, but they’re great shoes for most potential buyers. Even if you didn’t find the perfect slip-on walking shoe on our list, remember what features to look for in your shoe hunt. Style is variable. Support is not.

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