Best Walking Shoes for Business Professionals


Walking Shoes For Business People

In a business world full of commuters, go-fors, lunch rushes, and deadlines, many business professionals face a terrible choice: should they wear unprofessional shoes that will enable their feet to survive the day, or should they suffer the pain of a less-than-professional limp at the end of every shift?

There is no reason you should have to make this choice. You can have the best of both worlds. There are a number of popular shoe brands that cater to business professionals who are looking for shoes that will remove the dilemma between style and comfort from their daily consideration. Whether you are looking for loafers, lacing shoes, or flats, there is an optimized professional walking shoe out there for you.

We have gone through some of the most popular brands and styles to find the best available options. Below is a collection of the best walking shoes for the business professional.

Women’s Professional Walking Shoe Reviews

Aerosoles Bet It All Slip-On Loafer Review


Available in a broad range of colors and a reasonable number of sizes, these shoes take the classic workplace shoe – the loafer – and make it perfect for the busy businesswoman. Leather and a microfiber sock liner make the shoes both functional and stylish. The memory foam footbed ensures each step is soft and easy. The Aerosoles Diamond Flex Synthetic Soles provide excellent grip on any surface – from over-polished tile to plushy carpet.

Customer Sentiment

Although even the most positive users comment on the fact that these shoes run large, several of those same customers pointed out that the extra space made the shoes ideal for personal modifications like orthotic inserts or additional arch support. Other previous users pointed out that although the leather is fairly thin, the shoes are still a good bargain considering their price.


  • Variety of styles and sizes
  • Room for additional support
  • Includes leather and memory foam


  • Thin leather
  • Run large

Gold Toe Ballet Flats Review


A great range of sizes and a variety of available colors and patterns ensure these shoes will fit nearly any wardrobe. The only leather in the shoe seems to be the insole, however the Gold Toe brand is one of the most recognized in the business. They are designed to last, and the included arch support means users will not have to buy additional inserts to get the support they need.

Customer Sentiment

Previous users praise the style of these shoes over and over again. On the other hand, customers had a range of problems with shoes, particularly those shoes they ordered online. Some colors do not match the pictures presented online, and some customers had problems with sizing, claiming the shoes run small. The additional structure inside the shoes prompted several comments about how comfortable they were, and the specialized interior of the shoes did not compromise their appearance.


  • Very stylish
  • Additional arch support


  • Synthetic leather exterior
  • Sizes may run small
  • Color may not be accurate

Men’s Professional Walking Shoe Reviews

Dansko Walker Oxford Review


Made with real leather and synthetic, slip-resistant sole, these shoes are perfect for getting where you need to go and looking good while you’re on the move. A triple-density EVA molded footbed helps keep feet comfortable as you work through the day. The footbed is also removable, so if you find you like the shoe but prefer your own inserts, you can always modify the product to suit your needs. The lace top makes the shoes appropriate for everything from jeans to khaki, making them ideal for the business professional facing a long trip, a business conference, or even a lot of stairs.

Customer Sentiment

Previous users are full of praise for this shoe. Not only is it ideal, they say, for walking, but also for standing for long periods of time at events like trade shows and professional conventions. The most common critique of these shoes is their weight, which indirectly speaks to their quality. One individual claimed that the lining and arch support degraded quickly, but that individual seems to be fairly alone in that opinion.


  • Leather
  • Arch support
  • Good for both walking and standing


  • May degrade more quickly than expected

Clark’s Senner Lane Slip-On Product Review


A removable footbed ensures every step in these shoes is comfortable. An EVA outsole helps reduce both fatigue and the stress of the minor shocks your feet suffer every time they hit the ground. These shoes feature both leather and synthetic elements for a great pairing of style and comfort. They are designed to match many kinds of outfits, and they ensure you no matter what you’re wearing, you can go far.

Customer Sentiment

Previous users have walked miles at a time in these shoes without a problem. Different users had different things to say about the sizing, however. Some claimed the shoes run small, and some assert that the shoes run true to size. Several previous buyers say they bought these shoes for their school-age children and that the shoes held up well to field trips and daily wear. Several other users insisted, however, that the elastic portions of the shoes stretched out very early on, and another said the sole of the shoe had started to peel away.


  • Comfortable for long stretches of walking
  • Recognized brand


  • Elastic sections may give out soon after purchase
  • Soles may not be well-fixed to the rest of the shoe
  • Sizing may be inaccurate

Final Thoughts

Whatever style you prefer, and whatever office you work in, there are walking shoes out there that can make your life easier. The shoes you select should reflect the most common pains you face in regular shoes. Do you need good arch support? Is it a padding issue? Is your heel taking too much shock from your daily commute? The right shoe will have the right features to make walking easier and more comfortable. Remember, looks come second to support. Fortunately, there are plenty of good looking professional walking shoes out there.

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