Best Walking Shoes for Diabetics in 2018


Diabetes is a disease that has been affecting millions of people all over the world. In order to help control their blood sugar levels, people make sure they maintain an active lifestyle. Walking is one of the most effective exercises that help control the symptoms of diabetes. Therefore, a person needs find the best walking shoes for diabetics in order to take care of themselves and actually their feet.

For your convenience, we compiled a list below of the best products:

Product Gender Weight My Review
Skechers Performance Go Walk 3 Slipon Is One Of The Best Walking Shoes For Diabetics

Skechers Performance Go Walk 3 Slip-On

Men and Women Lightweight Read review Click to see prices on
New Balance Mw411 Health Waking Shoe Review

New Balance Mw411

Men Lightweight Read review Click to see prices on
Dr Comforts Diabetic Walking Shoes Review

Dr. Comfort Diabetic

Men and Women Lightweight Read review Click to see prices on

One of the known side effects of diabetes is a medical condition known as peripheral neuropathy. It is a condition wherein the brain sensors misinterpret commands. The misinterpretation can result to circulatory problems, numbness, tingling and ulcerated feet.

The Correlation of Diabetes and Shoes

Diabetic Foot Problems

For people suffering from diabetes, foot problems are a common concern. Diabetes can cause nerve damage that affects a person’s ability to recognize when your feet are already injured. The disease also affects your body’s ability to heal. Recovery from any injury in your feet area, even from a minor skin irritation, can take a lot of time. This is because your feet receive less blood and oxygen when you have diabetes. There are also instances wherein the foot will need to be amputated to lessen the impact of the disease.

In order to take care of your feet when you have diabetes, you need to wear proper footwear in order to eliminate the risks of getting serious injuries. Actually, there are diabetes shoes available in the market that are made specifically to address those needs. A footwear geared towards diabetics is generally deeper and wider compared to regular walking or fitness shoes.

A diabetic shoe provides extra space for necessary orthotic insoles created specifically to address the individual needs of the diabetic patient. A diabetic shoe also needs to provide plenty of air circulation. Therefore, most diabetic shoe models are available either in fabric uppers or sporting a sandal type of design. Fortunately, many top shoe manufacturers have been manufacturing diabetic shoes for both diabetic men and women. This article will discuss three of the best walking shoes for diabetics.

Best Walking Shoes for Diabetics

Skechers Performance Go Walk 3 Slip-on Reviews

Skechers is, of course, a name that needs no formal introduction. The shoe manufacturer has been creating some of the best shoes in the market for years now. The Skechers Performance GOwalk 3 is a walking shoe made with a seamless blend of performance and style in mind.

The shoe is made from high-quality mesh fabric with a slip-on construction for easy and hassle-free on/off. It also features a fabric trim. It also has a cushioned footbed supported by Skecher’s trademarked GogaMat® technology that helps pamper your foot. It also features a Resalyte™ technology midsole that provides you effective impact absorption. Skechers also incorporated a Memory Foam padded heel cup to ensure maximum comfort all day long.


  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Attractive designs


  • Mediocre arch support

New Balance MW411 Walking Shoe Review

New Balance is a name that should always be included in any best shoe category. The world-renown shoe manufacturer has managed to exceptionally provide the world with some of the best shoes in the market. The company has justified this through the New Balance MW411 walking shoe.

The New Balance MW411 features a leather upper that comes along with a synthetic sole to perfectly encapsulate the basics of a high-quality walking shoe. You are able to achieve optimum ease and comfort through the MW411’s cushioned sole and efficient shock absorption. New Balance has invested a lot with their sophisticated technology through years of Research and Development.


  • Breathable and comfortable with the help of the synthetic and leather upper
  • Uniformed density all through the shoe, providing a lightweight cushioned ride
  • Stable and effectively guides your feet all throughout the gait cycle
  • Provides tighter fit with the help of New Balance’s traditional lacing system


  • Cons vary depending on user preference

Dr. Comfort Diabetic Shoes for Men and Women Review

With years of craftsmanship and sophistication, Dr. Comfort is a brand that people need to know more about. Their shoes have all the desirable qualities that you are looking for in a comfort shoe. Designed as  therapeutic brand of shoes, the Dr. Comfort Diabetic shoes provides numerous protective and comfort features that anyone will surely love.

The shoe comes with a Dr. Comfort insert. It comes in different styles to meet all your needs. In you are one of the people who are into comfort more than anything, then you can try the Lycra styles. If you are an adventurer type who wants to go outdoors most of the time, you can go for the Ranger hiker boot. You can also check out the Boss or the Protect if you are looking for a comfortable work boot.


  • Comes in various styles
  • Sports a professional sleek design
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Ideal for every day use either at work, school or any outdoor activities


  • Cons vary depending on user preference

Final Thoughts

Shoes are an essentially important aspect of living a healthy life with diabetes. However, this aspect tends to be overlooked most of the time. Remember, do not take your shoes for granted. It is important that you wear the the best walking shoes for diabetics to protect your feet, as it is crucial to do so. The three models listed above are just some of the best in the market. You might as well take a look at them and perhaps one of the three suits your needs.

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