My Top 3 Best Walking Shoes for High Arches

Saucony Women's ProGrid Integrity ST2
best walking shoes for high arches

Supination (Underpronation) occurs, when your foot rolls to the outer side of the foot in your Gait cycle. It’s very common for people with High arches or a tight Achilles-heel. With a normal stride your foot hits the ground first with the heel, and then rolls to the front of your foot. But when your foot rolls outwards, it’s not able to absorb the impact as well as it coud with a normal gait. I want to show you in my opinion best walking shoes for high arches, who will help to correct your walking stride and relief most of the pain you have in your feet.

Damages because of Underpronation

Because of this, your body can be harmed in many ways, like: Pain in your knees, back and Heel; It can also result in an injury like Plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains and shin splints.

Why use a supination shoe?

To correct your gait, you should use a shoe with a lot of cushioning and a special inner shape to control the inward motion also a shoe with light and flexible materials counters supination. These type shoes are commonly reffered as “Neutral cushion shoes“. Shoes like this generally are lightweight, because they don’t have any motion control abilities and are very responsive to your feet.

Do I supinate?

Here’s a small test you can do, Ask yourself:

Step 1. Do I have ankle pain or sprains? Do I have pain or a swelling in my knee? Is the outer of knee inflammated or are the muscles thight? If you answered yes to any of these question, you might have symptons which could be caused by underpronation

Step 2. Do I have inward turned toes? Do I have a tightness in my achilles tendons? Do I have High arches? Answered yes? Then you are again at an increased risk for having underpronation.

Step 3. Check the sole of your regular shoes. If they show heavier wear on the outer edges of the sole you might have supination.

If you are positive on all of those questions, you are very likely to have underpronation, to make sure, check with a podiatrist to confirm.

Here is my List of the 3 best walking shoes for high arches:

Saucony Progrid Integrity

Awesome neutral cushioning shoe, it has fantastic arch support and the HRC-Pads in the rear area lower the impact force of the heel- strikes. It has a wide toe box, so it’s also very comfortable for peope who have bunions. Only downside is that it comes in only two colors, black and white. Click to buy on Amazon

Detailed Review

new balance 655 high arches

New Balance 665

The first thing you notice in these shoes are the great looks and the low price (~50$). These run on the narrow side, but when you relax the string tension they are fine. Don’t get them if you need a wide toebox, great colors availabe, for men aswell.  Click to buy on Amazon

Detailed Review

new balance1745 high arch

New Balance 1745

The new Premium Walker from New balance, lightweight, modern design and many users reported they didn’t even need to break in these shoes because they air so soft! Note: Toe area is on the wider side; still a very comfortable shoe. Click to buy on Amazon

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