Best Walking Shoes for Women with High Arches in 2018


Nowadays, it is fairly common for someone to have high arches. Having this kind of condition can be difficult to deal with as it can cause discomfort and pain to your feet. It is also difficult to find the right walking shoes.

All About Women with High Arches

High arch condition, sometimes referred to as cavus foot, is a condition wherein the foot has a high arch. The condition can be acquired by exerting too much weight on the ball and heel of the foot. It is usually caused by standing or walking using the wrong kind of shoes. Any person in any age group and gender is susceptible to this condition. Most of the time, both feet are affected. Interestingly, women are more susceptible in acquiring this condition as they wear high-heeled shoes most of the time, especially wearing heeled shoes that are not appropriate for their feet. However, this condition is common in men as well.


It is also essential to note that medical conditions such as cerebral palsy can also cause high arch. Other medical conditions that contribute to high arch include polio, spina bifida, stroke and other neurological disorders. High arch foot can also be caused by inherited structural abnormalities. The following are the most common symptoms of high arch:

  • Loss of balance
  • Discomfort and heel pain while walking or standing
  • Development of calluses on the ball, side or heel of the foot
  • Inward tilting of the heel can result to random ankle sprains

If you are one of the people suffering from this condition, you already know the challenges when it comes to shoes. In order to alleviate the pain and discomfort, you need to wear the proper footwear geared towards feet with high arches. It is important to have proper support for your feet with high arches especially during school, work or while performing any strenuous physical activity since you need to evenly distribute your body weight across your feet rather than putting all the pressure on your heels.

Best Walking Shoes for Women with High Arches

Brooks Pure Cadence 6 Review

The Brooks Pure Cadence 6 is highly regarded for its great stability which can provide you a great amount of support for your feet on a daily basis. It comes with a durable rubber outsole and asymmetrical lacing that help provide you extreme comfort while on-the-go. Similar to its predecessors, the Pure Cadence 6 is ideal for anyone who is looking for a lightweight performance stability shoes.

The shoe also incorporates a few different technologies that make the Pure Cadence 6 stand out among its competitors. It features an asymmetrical lacing that helps provide you a better and minimize your chances of getting foot irritation. The shoe also comes with a Nav Band that helps provide support and secure your feet in place while you are on the move.


  • Durable and reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Exceptional cushioning which makes it ideal for people with high arches


  • Narrow fit

Adidas Women’s Supernova Sequence 7 Boost Review

Adidas is no stranger to most people as it is one of the dominant players in the shoe industry. The Adidas Supernova Sequence 7 Boost is one of the best stability shoes that the renowned shoe manufacturer has to offer. The shoe is designed to keep your feet straight and leveled which make it an ideal walking and running companion for those with high arched feet.

The sole of the Adidas Sequence 9 Boost is built around an EVA Stable Frame. It is also made from sculpted, compressed foam. Therefore, the shoe boasts proper structure and alignment. The shoe can also effortlessly mold to your foot as you wear it. Hence, you are able to maintain support for the arches of your feet. The Sequence 9 Boost also incorporates a Torosion System which effectively guide your foot’s rotation around the mid-foot area so that you are to transition from midfoot stance to forefoot push-off without any problem.


  • Can be used every day due to its unmatched durability
  • Fits snugly in place while securely holds your feet in place
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Ideal for people with high arches and underpronation issues


  • A little bit heavier compared to other models
  • A bit price which can be disappointing for casual runners

Saucony Women’s Hurricane 16 Review

Saucony is another name that cannot be ruled out when it comes to shoes. The company has been one of the highly regarded shoe manufacturers in the world. The Saucony Women’s Hurricane 16 is a testament of the company’s unwavering legacy of providing the world with high-quality shoes.

The Hurricane 16 makes use of the company’s patented Power Grid support material by incorporating it in the sole for lightweight stability. It also features a sock-fit midsole that can help provide you with stability and optimal arch support. It also comes with a breathable upper that is designed to keep your foot in place.

The sole’s Power Grid cushioning foam effective provides lightweight support to your feet while keeping impact away from pressure points. It also helps in evenly distributing your body weight to your feet. The shoe was also designed to effectively maintain forward momentum by returning the energy of each and every step you make.


  • Reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Well-cushioned making it ideal for people with high arches


  • A bit pricier compared to other brands and models

Final Thoughts

Running and walking can be extremely difficult if you suffer from high arch. Therefore, finding the best walking shoes for women with high arches can make a huge difference. You need to make sure that your feet feel comfortable all the time. Finding the perfect pair of shoes, even the price goes a little bit out of your budget is something that you won’t regret since spending on a high-quality shoe is better than enduring the pain and discomfort brought about by high arch.

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