Best Walking Shoes for Women with Wide Feet in 2018


Best Walking Shoes For Women With Wide Feet

While the majority of shoe stores have a diverse selection of walking shoes, there is a good reason there are so many options. A person’s feet come in all shapes and sizes, and works for you might not work for others. From differences in width and shape, as well as stability and cushioning, it is essential that you comb through the wide-array of walking shoes in the market to identify the best model that suits your specific needs.

For your convenience, we compiled the top shoes in the market below:

Product Gender Weight My Review
New Balance W1540 Review

New Balance 1540

Women Lightweight Read review Click to see prices on
Rockport World Tour Classic Walking Shoe Review

Rockport Women's World Tour Classic

Women Lightweight Read review Click to see prices on
Women Asics Gel Foundation Walker 3

Women's Asics Gel-Foundation Walker 3

Women Lightweight Read review Click to see prices on

The Importance of Choosing the Right Shoes if You Have Wide Feet

It is natural for women to have narrower mid-foot and heels compared to men. Nonetheless, it is still important to have a wide toe box, which refers to the front area of walking shoes. The toe serves as the push-off point for propelling you forward when walking. Therefore, it is important that your toes have enough room to flex, point, and move.

All shoes sold in the market vary especially in terms of width. Generally, adult females have a standard width of B, while there are women who have feet as narrow as size 2A or as wide as 6E. A person’s toe can natural be narrower or wider than his heel or mid-foot. If you are one of those people who have a broad toe area, using walking shoes with wide toe boxes can provide you great fit and comfort.

In order to get the best out of your walking sessions, you need to find the right shoes that fit well not only one specific part of your foot but the entirety of it. Walking shoes with wide toe boxes can accommodate your feet while securely holding your heels and mid-foot without any pinching or squeezing. You also need to choose the walking shoes that have a shock absorption feature to ensure that your feet have proper protection and stability.

People who have wide feet tend to have difficulties finding walking shoes that are not too tight in the toe box. Most walking shoes sold in the market come only in regular width. Only a handful of shoe manufacturers routinely produce walking and running shoes meant for people with wide feet. This articles will discuss three of the best walking shoes for women with wide feet.

Best Walking Shoes for Women with Wide Feet

New Balance 1540 for Women

The New Balance 1540 has a quality build which is noticeable on your first try. This shoe comes with a deep and wide toe box. It also sports a narrow heel design. The shoe’s design provides you ample room in the toe back while securely holding your heel in place. The New Balance 1540 are motion control shoes highly recommended to excessive overpronators who usually require ample amount of stability and support.

The 1540 shoes also comes with a symmetrical Rollbar technology which ensures maximum lateral and medial rear foot stability. It also features a lightweight upper constructed with high-quality mesh for optimal breathability. Additionally, it comes a synthetic completely for added stability and structure.


  • Durable build
  • Breathable
  • Good arch support and traction
  • Roomy


  • Cons may vary depending on the wearer’s preference

Click here to see reviews and prices for the New Balance 1540 on

Rockport Women’s World Tour Classic Walking Shoe

The Rockport Women’s World Tour Classing Walking Shoe also feature a durable 1-inch rubber sole that help in keeping your feet firm allowing you to walk virtually on any surface. It also sports the brand’s patented walking-platform construction that ensure a wide base of support for your heel. The feature also helps in providing maximum flexibility and stability for your rear foot, as well as providing your long-term comfort.


  • Comfortable and Personalized fit
  • Ensures safety and support for your feet
  • Ideal for people suffering from foot problems
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • The shoe tends to run a tad smaller compared to other walking shoes in the market

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Rockport World Tour Walking Shoe on

Women’s ASICS GEL-Foundation Walker 3

The ASICS GEL-Foundation Walker 3 is made of high-quality synthetic leather material and breathable mesh. The shoe’s upper is also made of durable and supple leather material. It also comes with a ComfortDry™ sockliner that effectively wicks moisture to ensure a healthy foot environment for the user. It also comes with a SpEvA®midsole, while the rear foot and forefoot make use of the GEL® cushioning technology to ensure maximum shock absorption and support.


  • Durable and reliable
  • Offers maximum stability and support
  • Ideal outsole for safety in walking
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Limited color selection as it is only available in black and white colors

Click here to see reviews and prices for the ASICS Gel-Foundation Walker on

Final Thoughts

Walking is one of the few activities that contribute to one’s healthy lifestyle. Therefore, you don’t need to compromise the experience by wearing tight shoes that make you uncomfortable. If you have wide feet, then you need to settle for walking shoes with wide toe boxes. The models reviewed above are just two of the best examples out there. You are free to choose which one suits you best in terms of your budget and personal preference.

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