What are Stylish & Fashionable Walking Shoes for Travel?



If you love globetrotting, then you really need a pair of fashionable walking shoes for travel. Finding shoes that are stylish and comfortable is not very easy. Unlike in the polished city environment, you might encounter rough terrain in the mountains, the uneven walks of a ruin. Your shoes need to support your journey. They need to make your adventure a comfortable affair. 

An ideal pair of walking shoes should fit well, have a light weight and have good shock absorbers

Here are a few tips for buying that perfect pair of shoes:

  • Shop in the evenings when your feet size is bigger
  • Try on the shoes with the socks or stockings that you will use them with 
  • Our feet are not created equal. Go by the size of the larger foot.
  • Your worn out shoes are a good guide to the pressure pattern which can be easily analysed by an expert, before choosing a pair.

If you’re walking on concrete alle day, check out this Article: Best shoes for walking on concrete

Here is a definitive Top 10 list of the most stylish & fashionable walking shoes for travel:

Aerosoles Women's Head Role Dress Pump

If you love heels like I do, you will love these comfortable heels from Aerosol. They actually make the most comfortable heels. I used them for a romantic dinner in an exotic place. I had to walk on wet cobblestones to reach our restaurant, on heels. But not for a second did they make me uncomfortable. They come with a chunky heel and a wide toe room. They offer a lot of cushioning to the foot, it barely feels like walking.

French Soles

They are a perfect pair of flats that can match a dress. They are super light. It is easy to fit them in your backpack. They can’t be folded, that is one little drawback. They come in a variety of colors and designs to match every outfit. Whether you are in a foreign country that requires a lot of travel by foot or you want to go on a big shopping spree in the city, these shoes will take care of your feet. Make them comfortable.

Camper Bowie Boots

These are a very versatile and extremely comfortable pair of boots. You can wear them with jeans or dresses. You can walk a long distance without aching your feet. They are perfect when you are on vacation in the Alps or any cold and snowing places. But they don’t suit warm places like for instance sunbathing in the beach. They can last a very long time, even with rough use.

Swedish Hasbeens

They are classy boots that go along with any skirt or denims. The heel is low hence the boots are relatively stable. The wine red shoes can dress up any occasion. If you are looking for a more subtle look, there are a various colors to choose from. They are pretty comfortable for trotting in them for a whole day. The leather can be a little hard on your feet initially, but after using them a while they are nothing but pure comfort.

Toms Classics

They are super comfortable and super light weight. You can carry a pair of them in your purse. They are pretty cool and very comfortable for all day long. They come in a lot of colors, so you can buy them to match your dresses. For any night time party you might want something else. They don’t dry easily once they get wet. But if you plan to go to a lot of destinations that require a good deal of exploring by foot, these are your perfect companions.

UGG Australia Studded Loafers

Click here to see reviews and prices for the UGG Loafers on Amazon.com

These are a great pair of shoes with dual advantage. When its summer and the days are hot and you are touring a destination, these shoes made with sheep skin really help air circulation to your fet, allowing them to breathe. And in winter when you need the warmth, use them with socks for comfortable warmth. The downside can be that they are too casual even for a day out and on wet days it is better to stash them away safely somewhere. 

Skechers boat style shoe

This ticks a lot of boxes. It is lightweight and it’s got the looks. It offers good comfort. It can take you on really long walks in comfort. This is one shoe that you can easily pair with your skirts and jeans and look cool. They come in beautiful new colors that are pretty eye candy.

Melissa Jason Wu Jean 3

These flats can add a little bling to your dress. They are elegant for a walk by the canals in Venice or a dinner night out in a fancy restaurant. Their open design helps keep the temperature down which means you can wear them all day long without feeling hot. They are light weight; you can carry them to all your destinations. 


This is the basic walking shoe, familiar to each of us. They are great if you don’t want to stress your knees from too much walking. They offer a high level of comfort. But if you are trying to make a style statement these may not be the best option. One great way to use them would be in combination of a very eye catching outfit. The outfit grabs all the attention and hope fully your shoe will be ignored. You can have comfort and style without feeling bad.

Merrell Jungle Glove

If you like to explore new places on your own by walking around the city cobblestones, these are for you. It is true that you need to step out of being a tourist to really get to know a new place. If you like to walk around busy markets and city centers criss-crossing across the cobble stones, these are for you. They come in a good variety of colors, so you can have a pick or two of these. They are more corporate and more city friendly than the other shoes. They are not very bulky, making them easy to pack away for vacations. You will never have to deal with sore feet ever again.

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