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Comfortable Sneakers

Whether you need a pair of shoes for a few strolls down the block every week, or perhaps planning to walk 7 miles uphill, a comfortable shoe will always offer an easy session for your stroll or walk. Walking shoes are absolutely underrated breed of footwear which for a fact receive little or no appraise for the amount of technology and effort that is dedicated into their creation.

It’s unbelievable how walking can be with a high tech bunch of shoes, quite amazing!

For a women finding comfortable shoes for walking is all about knowing the features which make a good pair of shoes. So ladies, are you planning to shop for a pair of walking shoes? Then how do you pick the best out of so many options that are available in most women collections? Well, many manufactures are busy adding more new and unique technology to their offerings to make the most comfortable walking shoes ever!

Walking Shoes: What are they?

There is no one best shoe for all walkers. The best shoe for you is the one that fits you best. To a novice a walking shoe looks no different from a running shoe, both types always seem like a trendy sleek designs therefore it is a bit difficult to tell the difference. But what’s interesting is that walking and running are completely different thus shoes that are designed for walking are also pretty difference.

A good comfortable shoe offers proper support, flexibility, cushioning and compensates for any stride of problems that you may have. Take all advice with a grain of salt. Find a shoe fitting expert to help you find that is best for your walking distance, style, speed, surface as well as your weight and stride.

Here are some of essential components that can be found in most walking shoes

· Ankle Collar: Provides a proper fit with a design to cushion the ankle

· Achilles Notch: It is present in the upper most section of the shoe with a sole purpose of preventing strain on the Achilles tendon.

· Upper part: This is made of synthetic mesh or leather which is lighter and holds the shoe on your foot. It provides better ventilation for the feet.

· Insole: Modern shoes have removable insoles which can be washed as well. It supports and cushions the arch of the feet.

· Midsole: Offers added comfort cushioning as well as shock absorption.

· Outsoles: Is usually fitted with grooves and treads to help maintain traction.

· Gel Pad: Provides cushion and reduces the impact in case you strike the ground.

· Toe Box: This is the house to the toes: a comfortable shoe should have adequate room for the toes so to prevent formation of calluses.

What features do they have?

Many different shoes exist in the market. Some of the best have certain features that prove them better than the rest.

To begin with, these shoes are made of some of the up-to-date fabrics that are in the market like Gore-tex which is regarded as the best waterproofing solution for shoes.

What’s more, these shoes have sufficient padding. Where do I say sufficient, this is because while a lot of padding can contribute much to make the shoe seem better at handling stress, it also makes it heavier. You will agree with me that as much as walking is a light exercise it does not require the same amount of padding as running and hiking.

Flexibility is another important feature for a comfortable shoe. You should be able to bend and twist the shoe to a manageable degree. It is for a fact that your foot will flex as you roll from the hell to the toe. In case the shoe is too stiff then it is most likely you will end up expending lots of energy and grow tired. Quite an uncomfortable feeling when walking!

Walking shoes are more flat as compared to running shoes. The elevation of the heel is straight and doesn’t curve that much. A good flat shoe facilitates walking while keeping the feet well cushioned.

Comfortable Walking Sneakers: Are they worth the Appraise?

Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker

Checkout the Addition Walker product from Brooks which has topped our best fitting walking shoes list for several years. Offering a strong support, cushioning as well as supple full grain leather, this shoe is a must have for an ideal woman who wants to keep her feet comfortable and healthy. The Hydro Flow cushioning system acts as a shock absorber, provides stability and returns energy back to the foot, stride after stride. It is available in colors such as; Black, Brown and White. Check out the detailed review of the Brooks Addiction Walker shoe.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Brooks Addiction Walker on

New Balance Women’s WW847

The New Balance technology found in the heel, is a shock absorber that has been added for your comfort and makes the New Balance WW847 Walking Shoe unquestionably perfect for women with narrow heels, arthritis knees as well as high arches. It may seem a little heavy for some, but this walking shoe is outlandish on its delivery for a good exercise walking. Check out the detailed review of the New Balance WW847 here.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the New Balance WW847 on

Asics Gel Foundation Walker 2

Asics is the newest model on the block with the latest comfort design and enhanced fit. It comes with a spectacular leather made and mesh upper which offers a comfortable fit that helps negotiate those tricky pavement trails. The Comfort Dry sock liner offers anti-microbial properties for a breathable environment which makes your strides even more comfortable. The shoe provides ample stability with cushioning which can allow you to stand or rather stand for hours. The well designed heel comes with two layers of memory foam for a well personalized fit.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Asics Gel Foundation Walker 2 on

Bottom Line

There you have it the most comfortable walking shoes for women. A good run for your money ladies for the most comfortable shoes. These Walking shoes provide the most comfortable experience on those walking escapades and you don’t want to be left out of this wonderful experience. Buy the best variety and push your feet into a comfortable shoe space.

In a nutshell, these walking shoes rock!

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