New Balance 577 Review


The New Balance WW577 Women’s Walking shoe was designed to make it easier to put on and take off. The ample breathability features of this shoe are quite something thanks to the slightly perforated leather. It is well fitted with the ABZORB SBS technology found in the heel which acts as a shock absorber for the comfort and cushioning. Created for women with active lifestyles, they are the updated model of the 575 and 576 models. The hook and loop closure straps are quickly to open and easy for your convenience. New Balance has put its patented Walking Strike Path outsole for sole purpose of stabilization and guides your foot so you have proper walking gait. Basically the New Balance Walking shoe is referred to as a neutral shoe which concentrates on cushioning rather than correction. Well cushioned shoes are much more common with thicker midsoles as well as more durability hence more weight. For those who require orthotics, this is the ideal shoe!

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Features of the New Balance 577

The New BalanceWW577 Women’s Walking shoe is without a doubt a well voted shoe with unique features in store. Here is the breakdown

  • Leather upper
  • ABZORB heel for absorbing shock
  • Rubber sole
  • Reflective characteristics for low-light conditions
  • Walking strike path
  • Available in Black, White and Bone


Good Support and Stability

These extraordinary shoes offer the Walking Strike Path on the rubber sole of the shoe which pretty much bring out its multi-functional technology. It helps stabilize the foot from overpronation and prevents the ankle turning over. In fact, your gait will be more smooth which gives you more energy while working out or walking. Quite a master piece, don’t you think? The all leather upper coupled with the higher collar also helps in ensuring your ankles don’t make a turn. What’s more the wider sole base of this shoe is quite something; you balance well and are less likely to fall over at any point. You are going to love this. The rubber sole offers traction so you’ll be less likely to slip in most conditions and terrains.


The well fitted ABZORB technology which is exclusively designed by New Balance perfectly sits in the heel, thus giving you shock absorptions when most needed. These shoes are available in various widths so whatever your type of foot you have, you will most likely find a size that offers the ample space you require. The additional space in the toe box long with the well cushioned tongue and collar prevents any rubbing from taking place. The good thing is that there is plenty of space for your orthotics so you won’t experience a tight fit by adding inserts. Take them out of the box and set out for long walk as they won’t require any breaking in.

Great Design

These Walkers comes in hand with reflectors so you are visible in low light conditions. The hook and loop closures are well designed to make it easy to put on your shoes and also take them off, even if your feet are prone to swelling. You will definitely enjoy the breathability of this shoe. The high quality make of these shoes will ensure that you wear them for long without them breaking them. Why don’t you give it a try!

Various review have stated that this shoe is good fit for someone who need a wide toe box, a narrower heel and also a structure that would greatly help with pronation problems that in most cases wear down the edges of the heel. The review is absolutely right. A little heavy, but excellent for exercise walking and long distances.

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Some women have suggested that due to leather, their feet sweat during summer. However they mentioned that they are great winter shoes therefore the goods things outweigh the bad thing which is a win for New Balance WW577 Women’s Walking shoe.

Bottom Line

There you have it, one of the best Waling shoe for women of all tomes. Women of all ages and lifestyles love this shoe as they bring in a sense of style in a modest way. The stability and cushioning brought about by this shoe is quite something to talk about. Hurry and get one for yourself and live to tell the tale of New BalanceWW577 Walking shoe of all ages. This shoe rocks!

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