New Balance 665 Review


The New Balance created a unique walking shoe that comes with many of the same technologies their running shoes have. Fitted with generous mesh material I must say I constantly feel a fresh breathability with reduced foot swelling. What’s more the soles have been well designed for absolute comfort with the pillow like sole supporting every stride made. Just like sneakers, they are sporty and incredibly lightweight with lots of attractive flair in the soft color palette. The most interesting thing that I like is the cushioning features which offer not only comfort but guide your body for a natural gait thus giving you great shock absorption as well enhanced energy return. Quite an amazing shoe!

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  • Well fitted rubber sole for durability
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Strategically placed mesh for breathability
  • Padded tongue and collar for maximum comfort
  • Synthetic overlays for that flashy appearance
  • Seven-eye lace closure


The Design

The first most appealing thing you notice is how attractive the shoe is with the gentle colors (black, white, pink, blue and purple) and the overlay for additional flair. It is not chunky like many other walking shoes but there is more to this walker than just the pretty face. It offers great breathability due to the ample meshing incorporated throughout the shoe. Apparently, there is no walking shoe on the market that gives you such kind of refreshing breathability. In case you are working up a sweat or rather it’s a hot day, these shoes are unsurpassed. They are generally light, much like a running shoe and include the Walking Strike Path technology which helps promote a proper stride. The amazing feature is the ABZORB in the midfoot which gives you a great energy return.


Simply put, these shoes are really pretty. You will be rocking your work out with the gentle color that is well matched with silver highlights. The sole has accents of pink and grey combination to match the upper shoe thus giving a pleasant appearance. Just like the stylish meshing in silver, the working parts of the shoe are appealing.

The Comfort

I can attest that these walkers were made for all day wear with their additional cushy sole that extends from heel to midfoot and finally to the toe. They are perfectly designed to fit like a glove without pinching anywhere and their lightweight feature makes you feel like you are wearing no shoes at all. To add on this, the padded tongue and collar prevents friction on the front of the foot. The shoe is ready to wear and with plenty of padding, no wearer should ever experience blisters while walking on them.

Well Priced

These shoes come with a great price point and support the cure for breast cancer therefore when you buy these shoes you can feel good about it. As if that’s not enough, they offer a variety of advanced technologies as well as a well built in nature of the shoe with quality of mind. Basically, you can expect a long lasting walker for a very nice price.


I would not advise the use of the New Balance WW665 for winter wearing due to inadequate ample meshing. While it’s great for breathability in warmer conditions, it’s not recommended for cold weather. They run on the narrow side in case your feet are wider which at times may feel discomfort in the toe box. But all these are minor disadvantages since the pros out do the cons. So no need to panic!

Everyone who has purchased the New Balance Women’s WW665 I included said they were highly impressed with the breathability and that other shoe lack such a wonderful experience. They are deemed extremely comfortable for all wear by many professionals on their feet all day. Women with narrow feet really love these shoes, saying that they are a perfect fit. Of course, ladies love them because of their lovely appearance. Who would deny that!

Bottom Line

Well! The search for New Balance Women’s WW665 is still on and increasing day by day. Rest assured that you have purchased one for yourself and enjoy the wonderful feeling while you cover those long terrains. I know you like this post and it would be an honor to have you share it with others who need a perfect walking shoe. Don’t forget to leave a comment below, we love reading your reviews.

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