New Balance 847 Review


If you enjoy health walking, but your feet hurt sometimes, this is the perfect choice for you. The New Balance Women’s WW847 is a corrective shoe to help your posture and allow you to walk painlessly and easily, without exhausting your body. In spite of its motion control functions, it is also lighter in weight, and more stable.

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What does a motion control shoe do?

Motion control” is used to label corrective shoes. These are built to limit excess motion. In this way, they protect the user from “over-pronation” – the tendency for arches to collapse, the foot rolling from the outside to the interior, while walking. When you have “flat feet”, your knees and ankles turn slightly inwards when you walk and the arches collapse more. Motion control shoes are made to correct this issue. The WW847 is a lightweight, motion control model.

What is special about the Women’s WW847 walking shoe?

It is made of leather and synthetic, with handmade soles, assembled in the USA. It also features Rollbar (a trademark of New Balance). This is a graphite bar, put in the rear of the midsole to stabilize your foot, while limiting any inward movement. The shoe also has a breathable upper that keeps your feet from overheating. For a comfortable and secure fit, the WW847 boasts a traditional lacing closure with a mesh-lined tongue, as well as a foam-padded tongue and collar. It comes in different colours – White, Grey/Pink, Black, as well as White/Blue.

Most customers are quite satisfied with the New Balance Women’s WW847’s price/quality ratio and consider it a durable, comfortable and practical model. However, some believe that while it is lightweight, it might lack sufficient support.

Why is it a good idea to buy New Balance products?

New Balance has been around for more than a century, helping athletes achieve their goals. They spend money mainly on research and development to create a well-balanced, practical and durable product, using the latest technologies. The company takes pride in being one of the few companies that still makes athletic footwear in the US, assembling it locally. Also, 5% of the retail sale price for their Lace up for the Cure shoe collection are donated to fund breast cancer research and treatment.

All in all, I believe the New Balance Women’s WW847 is a very good walking shoe. Although it is mainly a motion control shoe, it is also a great lighter weight walking option. I would recommend it greatly to anyone with low arches or over-pronation problems. I have found these shoes offer great support and don’t need “breaking in”, as they fit easily.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the New Balance 847 on

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