New Balance 928 Review

I was shopping the other day online and discovered the New Balance Women’s WW928 walking shoe. As a Mom on the go, I can assure you finding fashionable, comfortable footwear that gives me extra support makes me one happy lady.

This one caught my attention for three reasons.

First, the New Balance Women’s WW928 has a new motion-control design called ROLLBAR. When I’m shuffling the kids off to school the last thing I need to think about is foot pain. It comes in white or black which is nice depending on what outfit I’m wearing for work.

The pros are many such as a comfy mid-foot cushion and amazing stability. They come with leather uppers which means I can clean them without the hassle of struggling with those pesky stains.

The cons are they only sell it in two colors: white and black.

nb ww928

Second, this walking shoe has a flexible motion-control design. That means whether it’s carrying groceries into the house or having fun with the kids in the backyard, my foot is supported

After a few days wearing the New Balance Women’s WW928 I noticed my feet no longer hurt. Because I work on my feet all day, it can be difficult at the end of my shift. Yesterday I pulled a double-shift and came home with a smile on my face. 

Often when you see women’s shoes that come with extra stability, they look like ones my mother use to wear. But these are truly stylish.

Third, (and this is my favorite feature) the extra cushion built into the shoe is amazing. It’s almost as if I’m walking on air! I read a review about the motion control and how New Balance designed them with a thicker midsole without the bulky look. So my weight is transferred more naturally every single step I take.

 new balance ww928

For years I had a problem with my foot rolling inward. Not a fun thing walking in shoes without enough stability. But after just a few hours I noticed my stride was level wearing these lovely shoes.

Take it from a Mom who is super suspicious of new walking shoes. I’ve bought many pairs that wore out in less than a few months. However, it’s obvious to me New Balance has done a wonderful job designing this shoe for those of us in need of a quality shoe.

Now that the holidays are coming up I think I’ll give my Mom a pair!

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