Orthopedic Walking Shoes Help Prevent Injury


Have you ever experienced a great deal of pain while you’ve been out walking?

I bet you have at some point in your life, but most of us who walk on a regular basis usually dismiss it as part of the sport.

Unfortunately, sooner or later you might find the pain doesn’t go away so easily. You could even end up with injuries that require you to sit with your feet up for months on end. Perhaps it’s time for you to consider orthopedic walking shoes to save yourself from future problems.

Let’s Look At Some Other Sports

Injury prevention in other sports is a lot more clear cut, and bodybuilding is a great example to look at.

When someone is lifting a heavy weight they use safety bars, because if they didn’t they could drop the weight on top of their head. Anyone with a shred of common sense wouldn’t step foot underneath a bar 2X as heavy as them without protection in place.

Plantaar Fasciits Painareas

When boxers are sparring they wear head protection and softer gloves. To spar without them would mean taking thousands of powerful blows to the head, so again it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize injury prevention is important.

Why Walking Is Different?

We can’t deny walking is different, and the reason injury prevention isn’t given much thought is because everyone thinks walking is easy.

It’s not!

Just like running can lead to a lot of lower body injuries, walking can cause the exact same problems. Especially when partaking in walking as a sport, as opposed to using it as a means of getting from your house to your car in the morning.

We need to start taking care of our feet, and orthopedic walking sneakers are the answer.

Why Do You Need Orthopedic Walking Shoes?


The obvious reason why you would need orthopedic shoes is because your current ones don’t fit correctly.

Around 75% of people wear the wrong type of shoes, so if you’ve had any discomfort in the past it’s likely you fall into this group. Like we mentioned before, when you walk regularly to stay fit and healthy you need them even more.

You walk to stay fit and healthy. Don’t forget the ‘healthy’ part. Our feet are shaped differently and we walk differently too, so off-the-shelf shoes are only optimal for a small percentage of the population.

Special  Features

Off-the-shelf shoes don’t fit you correctly, so what special features make orthopedic shoes different?

First of all, they can offer you a lot more padding and cushioning. When your feet are protected there is less chance of injury due to the repetitive stress of walking long distances, sometimes at great speed. You could also have more volume inside if you have larger feet, so you don’t feel squashed in and constricted.

With the extra room inside your shoes, padding can be carefully added to specific parts of the shoe depending on how you walk. If you already use cushioned insoles you might find you need enough room to double up on them.

Anatomy of Orthopedic Walking Shoes

Injuries That Can Develop Over Time

If you continue to wear shoes that don’t fit correctly, it’s only a matter of time before you get injured.

Stress fractures that develop in your feet and shins can prevent you from running until they heal. If you’re aching in the arches or heels of your feet, your tendons might be inflamed, which is an easy way of saying you have a Plantar Fasciitis injury.

Shin Splints is another common injury, and one you’re maybe familiar with. You also have Hamstring Strain, IT Band Syndrome, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, Achilles Tendinopathy, and various other things to worry about.

Problems with your footwear don’t just lead to problems with your feet. Your entire lower body is at risk, plus injuries can sneak all the way up to your lower back.

Do You Think You Need Them?

You take walking seriously, so start taking care of your most important asset: your feet.

There are different shoes you can buy depending on the condition of your feet, but to find out you’ll probably need to have them looked at. For custom orthopedic shoes, they’ll even take a cast of both your feet and design you the perfect footwear for your needs.

Don’t ruin your body due to injuries you pick up walking with the wrong shoes, especially when the problem is easy to fix these days.

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