What are the Best Shoes for Pregnant Women?


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Durable, comfortable and well designed shoes can play a very big role in a woman’s pregnancy. Not only can they make pregnant women comfortable throughout their pregnancy, they can also make walking, standing and sitting a lot more comfortable.

The reason behind these benefits is that ordinary women’s shoes are not designed to support a pregnant woman’s weight and swelling feet.

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Sketchers Go Walk

Sketchers Go Walk

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Orthaheel Tide

Orthaheel Tide

Orthopedic Sandals. They offer some arch support. The bottom sole has a lot of traction, so you don't have to worry about slipping on wet ground. Very simple to put on.
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New Balance Ww1765

New Balance 1765

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In contrast, special shoes for pregnant women are designed to address these kinds of problems, which makes them better options on the long run. For example, most pregnancy footwear is designed to support extra weight, which basically allows pregnant women to walk around more comfortably.

Another good example is how special pregnancy shoes have extra space and offer better traction.

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Both of these features not only give the feet extra room to make them feel more comfortable, they also help women walk around.

Pregnancy shoes have all kinds of features. So if you’d like to know more about them then the following information will help you learn what you need to know.

Why Do Pregnant Women Need Special Shoes?

Pregnant women often develop a lot of bodily changes in the course of their pregnancy. These include increased sweating, hormonal changes, pains, aches and also swollen feet.

With regards to swollen feet, wearing ordinary shoes is not a good idea. This is because most conventional footwear is designed for fashion and walking.

They are not designed for comfort, swelling feet or supporting a lot of weight. If a woman chooses to wear these sneakers during her pregnancy then she will most likely experience a lot of discomfort as her pregnancy progresses.

Therefore, in order to avoid these problems, pregnant women should consider using special footwear throughout the course of their pregnancy.

Not only can these shoes help them avoid aches and discomfort, they can also help to support their weight, and make their pregnancy a lot less uncomfortable.

What Kind of Features Should Pregnant Women Look For in Their Shoes?

The best shoes for pregnant women are those which offer equal amounts of comfort and weight support. Furthermore, they should also be easy to put on and take off. Here are several other features that you should choose if you are buying sneakers for a pregnant woman.

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  • They should either have flat or low, wide heels. Anything that features heels which are less than 2 inches is also a good option.
  • They should offer adequate arch support.
  • They should be moisture resistant or at least don’t trap moisture. A good example are canvas or leather comfort shoes, both of which are moisture or water resistant.
  • They should be slip-ons instead of laced shoes. This is because trying your shoe laces will become very difficult once you’re fully pregnant.
  • They should be larger/wider than your normal shoes. This is because your feet may start swelling, causing you to have a hard time walking. So make sure to the check out the guide to the best walking shoes for women with wide feet.

There are other factors to consider when choosing pregnancy shoes, but the features mentioned here are already more than enough. So if you need pregnancy shoes, always remember these features and make your choice accordingly.

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