Top 10 Jobs Most Benefitted by Walking Shoes


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Walking is one of the best exercises you can enjoy, but not everyone walks for leisure and fitness alone. For many, walking is a matter of employment. Although a job that keeps you up and moving provides many health benefits over desk work, it comes with its own aches and pains. If you are walking for work, the chances are your position has particular demands that require special features or consideration for your footwear. Although comfort is always key, some positions require additional support, some a sturdy build, and others need to be at least partially waterproof.

Below are ten of the jobs most benefited by good walking shoes.

Top 10 Jobs Most Benefitted by Walking Shoes

1. Postal Walking Routes

Although we are all familiar with the sight (and inconvenience) of a slow moving mail truck, the fact is that there are still plenty of walking mail delivery routes. The Postal Service’s pride in regular delivery in spite of any and all weather conditions makes for a demanding position. Shoes for those who bring our daily mail have a lot to live up to.

Shoes should:

  • Be waterproof
  • Have a sturdy exterior
  • Include multiple and/or replaceable layers of support

2. Warehouse Picking/Packing

As online shopping becomes more and more popular, the demand for individuals to fill picker/packer positions is ever-growing. Warehouse associates can walk miles in a single shift – and those shifts are often long. Choosing the right shoes is critical to help keep your feet in motion.

Shoes should:

  • Be light
  • Provide excellent support
  • Include extra padding and/or the space to add inserts

3. Construction

Although construction has its own style of shoe (construction boots), it’s important to remember that feet need protection from not just stray nails and heavy equipment, but also the wear and tear of constant walking, carrying, and climbing. Since many construction jobs require special footwear –such as steel-toed boots – inserts may be required. Shoes good for walking and shoes good for protection are not mutually exclusive categories, however.

Shoes should:

  • Include specialized padding and/or room for customized inserts
  • Meet workplace safety criteria
  • Be at least partially waterproof

4. Internships

Although no two internships are exactly the same, and you will not always be sent on coffee runs, interns usually help fill the gaps in company communications. This means delivering paperwork between floors, offices, or even buildings. It means many trips to the printer. It means that even if you get a desk, there is no guarantee you will have a chance to break it in. All this does not even take into consideration your commute. Standing pauses punctuated by bursts of speed make good shoes an absolute necessity for the intrepid intern.

Shoes should:

  • Be non-descript and professional
  • Have good support
  • Optimally include removable inserts for easy replacement since it is likely any comfort lining will wear out before the exterior

5. Farming

Whether you work on a small family farm with multiple crops and livestock, or whether you are part of a mono-culture farming corporation, you have a lot of ground to cover every day. It doesn’t matter if you are carrying feed, picking fruit, or simply preparing a field for planting season – you will walk, and you will walk a lot. Make sure your shoes are ready to face the same challenges you do.

Shoes should:

  • Be easy to clean
  • Have a sturdy exterior
  • Include multiple layers of support and padding and/or room for inserts

6. Maintenance

School janitors, corporate maintenance staff, and housekeepers of all stripes need good shoes to survive the day. Not only to maintenance workers have to walk through the majority of their assigned building during every shift, but they often have to make multiple passes through the same space. Even a simple task like mopping or vacuuming requires pacing the length of a room several times over.

Shoes should:

  • Have easy to clean soles (particularly for hospital staff)
  • Be fairly lightweight with excellent traction
  • Feature multiple layers of support and padding

7. Nurses/ Medical Assistants

Those who work in hospitals, doctors’ offices, retirement centers, and other medical positions never seem to have enough hours in the day, or enough hands on deck. This means that a single individual will often spend the day running up and down the same hall to answer all patient call lights on their own. Or a nurse will make an endless loop around the office: bringing in new patients, screening those patients, informing the doctor of basic vitals, running some paperwork, escorting the patient back to the waiting area, preparing the room for the next patient, and then repeating. Walking is inevitable.

Shoes should:

  • Be easy to clean or easy to replace
  • Include space for additional inserts
  • Have good traction

8. Dog Walking

This one is pretty obvious. Walking is, after all, in the job title. Dog walkers face a lot of challenges, including adverse weather and adverse dogs. It’s important to avoid as many additional concerns as possible, particularly where feet are concerned.

Shoes should:

  • Be waterproof
  • Have sturdy soles with good traction
  • Include thick inserts or have room for additional inserts

9. Landscaping

Landscapers walk with lawn mowers. They walk with flowers to plant. They walk with watering hoses. They walk with turf cutters. They walk – a lot. Like construction workers, landscaping associates may also have additional safety requirements for their footwear.

Shoes should:

  • Have thick soles and sturdy materials
  • Be at least partially waterproof
  • Include excellent support

10. Personal Trainers/ Physical Therapists

Helping someone walk or encouraging someone to walk farther usually means the helper/encourager must go the distance with that someone. Take into consideration the fact that personal trainers and physical therapists see multiple clients a day, and you have a recipe for informal endurance training.

Shoes should:

  • Offer superb support
  • Include space for new/additional inserts
  • Have good traction

Final Thoughts

You will have to replace your shoes sooner or later regardless of how much you pay for them. That is simply the nature of walking jobs. Choosing well made shoes with replaceable inserts, however, will help any pair of work shoes serve you longer, and considering the demands you will subject your shoes to before making a final purchase will also help them last longer.

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