The Top 3 Walking Shoe Brands


What do you look for when you are shopping for a great walking shoe? And goes into making a top of the line walking shoe? A suberp walking shoe is a harmonious balance between comfort, walking style, flexibility, support, affordability and design style. I have come across 3 great companies that put enormous effort into designing the perfect walking shoe for men and women. These top athletic shoe companies are:

  • New Balance
  • Merrell



The mission of ASICS is to create the overall best performance shoe. Their name ASICS comes from the Latin phrase ‘Anima Sana in Copore Sano’ which means ‘a sound mind, a sound body’. Kihachiro  Onitsuka started his athletic shoe making business in 1949. Later, in 1977 he named the company ASICS. The companies mission is still found today with their concept of melding mind and soul into every well built shoe they make.

ASICS creates a wide variety of shoes for men, women and children. There types of shoes include running shoes, training shoes, tennis shoes and athletic shoes. Their walking shoes have advance technology features that aid in great support, speed, comfort and design. Overall, they have been in the business a long time and have really mastered making the perfect walking shoes.

ASICS Shoes Technologies

ASICS have scientist and engineers that help that to create the perfect shoes based on how your feet move, balance and weight distribution. A few of these technologies include:

  • Fluid Axis Technology: This technology takes the movement of your ankle flexing, joint movements and how each bone moves as you step to make the shoe flexible and fluid in movement.
  • Gel-Equpped Technology: This wearing the cushioning of the sole comes into place. The gel they use cushions, supports and moves with your foot.
  • Gender Specific Technology: The way a man or woman’s weight is distributed while walking or running is quite different from each other. ASICS has designed a technology to support men or women to how their bodies truly move.

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New Balance

New Balance 1540V2 Review

New Balance has been making top of the line shoes for over a hundred years. It all started in 1906 with its founder William Riley. Initially, his company was called the New Balance Arch Support Company. It later went on to be called New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc (NBAS) and now we know it as New Balance. The majority of their shoes are made in the United States. Their overall goal is to make shoes that help athletes meet their goals. New Balance designs high performance walking shoes that are lightweight, supportive, comfortable and stylish.

This company is an innovative athletic shoe company with many years of shoe manufacturing experience. They design functional shoes for men, women and children. New Balance brings only the best technology of form and function into their running shoes, training shoes, walking shoes, hiking shoes and even their casual tennis shoes. They use to top grade materials to create the perfect light weight walking shoe. New Balance is also eco-friendly and very involved in giving back to the community.

New Balance Technologies

New Balance has been designing great walking and athletic shoes for a long time. In doing so, New Balance has come up with some technologies that make their shoes stand out above many other brands. These Technologies include:

  • Abzorb Technology: This is a midsole technology that abosorbs the shock and cushions the sole.
  • Rollbar Technology: This technology stabilizes and reinforces the sidewall and midsole to help prevent rolling or pronating.
  • Encap Technology: This technology goes right into the sole of the shoe and is a durable rim made from polyeurthane that cushions the sole and core of the shoe. It makes the shoe more comfortable and supportive.

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Merrell started out as an American based hiking boot manufacturer. It was founded by Clark Matis, John Schweizer and Randy Merrell in the year of 1981. Since then it has been bought and resold. In 1997, the company Wolverine World Wide bought Merrell and began expanding their shoe lines even farther. It came up with a lighter weight walking and hiking shoe. Wolverine has since made Merrell a world famous name selling, Merrell shoes across the globe. It has also expanded Merrell to have its own unique athletic clothing line.

There top of the line shoes are a must have favorite for many walkers and hikers alike. Many of their shoes are lightweight, waterproof and include breathable mesh for a comfortable wear. Merrell makes athletic shoes for men, women and children. There high-end shoes range from walking shoes, hiking shoes, trail running shoes and even to winter boots. They have a wide variety of fun styles and functional shoes that will please a large majority of consumers.

Merrell Technology

Merrell shoes are made for any terrain from roads to rugged trails, so it’s no wonder that many of their technologies are made to withstand the environment and give added support. Several of their technologies include:

  • Merrell Air Cushion Technology: This aids in stability and absorbs shock in the sole.
  • Vibram Outsole Technology: This technology aids in weather and terrain with great tred on the outer shoe to withstand conditions.
  • Hyperwrap 360 Degree Fit Technology: This technology from Merrell aids in holding the foot and ankle in place for added agility and stability.

Final Thoughts

ASICS, New Balance, and Merrell all have one thing in common, they manufacturer top of the line walking and athletic shoes. There styles and performance of these shoes have been marveled across the globe. If I had to pick my favorite brand, I would say it was New Balance. Only because I prefer there youthful, fun styles, because they are more inline with my personality. However. all three brands are great when it comes to functionality and comfort.  But don’t just take my word for it. Go and check out these top brands for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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