Vionic Orthaheel Walker Review

Take pleasure in enjoying the benefits of a pain free experience by just having a walk with Orthaheel Walker! Vionic Orthaheel Walker (Motion control shoe) is perfectly made to keep you moving by offering comfort as well as support. The built in Orthaheel motion controlling foot bed refuse to go along with foot odor and also has a contoured arch support as well as deep heel cup whose purpose is to realign your stride in order to attain your goals in fitness. The shoe are built to limit excess motion or overpronation (how much your foot rolls toward the middle of your body as you walk or run). Flat feet are a big problem for walkers as well as runners because when arches collapse too much, your knees and ankles torque inwards.

Motion control shoes are known to have a thick midsole made of a harder material that is built to correct your gait so that your stride doesn’t roll inward as your weight transfers from the heel to your forefoot.

The premium full grain uppers made of leather are naturally water resistant. You will want this walker for many more advantages as compared to your routine exercise.

How they work:

Just like the car tires, inappropriate feet alignment can in most cases result wear and also tear to other body parts such as knees, hips as well as lower back. This specific patented and orthotic walking shoe is made feet realignment directly to its normal position while giving an improved posture. The resourcefulness is basically in the motion thus controlling the Tri-Planear system foot bed with the support of the contoured arch as well as a deep heel cup. What’s interesting is the durable cross trainer which is fitted with leather as well as mesh upper, EVA midsole for shock absorbing and a rubber outsole.


  • The foot bed which has a deep heel cup assist in stabilizing, support as well as feet realignment back to their usual position
  • The rubber outsoles as well as mid foot stabilizers help to manage pronation throughout the long walks.
  • It is convenient, nature healing, pain free answer most of the common aches as well as pains linked with poor lower limb alignment.
  • It is proven clinically to lessen excess pronation which is a major factor contributing to flat feet.
  • Thermoplastic heel provides support as well as feet stability and body.
  • The durable cross trainer is fitted with a leather plus a mesh upper which concurs with its design


There is no clear disadvantage of Orthaheel Walker but most may say that it is pretty expensive but it is without a doubt the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Vionic Orthaheel Walker (Motion Control) wins the battle of the best motion control shoes of all times

Orthaheel Walkers comes in white and black and are perfect choices for ideal people with!

  • Flat feet
  • Plantar fasciitis as well as heel spurs
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Shin splints
  • Pronation
  • Tired achy feet

Bottom Line

Are you that woman who is in dire need of a motion control show that will help you cover those long trails? If the answer to this question is yes, look no further for workout motivation than the Vionic Orthaheel Walker (Motion Control) Shoe which will help alleviate the discomfort of many common foot ailments. What are you waiting for, grab yourself and enjoy that wonderful experience on long trails.

In a whisker, this shoe rocks!

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