What are the Best Waterproof Walking shoes for women?


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You may be someone who enjoys a leisurely stroll, a bracing hike or a marathon run. No doubt though in our increasing bid for healthier lifestyles and our greater understanding of the value of getting the most from our relaxation time, we are all focusing more on the great outdoors.

In addition, we appear to have become much more appreciative of buying the right product to suit our activities. So, for that leisurely stroll, bracing hike or marathon run we need to find the right shoes to provide comfort and maintain our health. Matching the right product to the right activity means we can enjoy the journey.

Walking Shoes:

Walking shoes and running shoes are different and they both are substantially different to a standard shoe. Running shoes are heavier, raised and with greater padding to the heel to protect the runner as she pounds the ground. They provide greater resistance. Walking shoes on the other hand are lighter and the contours of their design differs to compensate for different stresses and to give the best overall support.


Waterproof walking shoes add durability and comfort to a customary walking shoe. They add further protection from the elements for ankles and feet as well as defence from infections. A vigorous waterproofing membrane provides comfort and protection and is available in different fabrics including rubber and polyurethane however with these fabrics while the foot is protected from moisture coming in, they do not allow vapour to get out. Gore-Tex is the answer as it is a lighter material that allows feet to breathe as well as keeping dampness out.


Pronation vs Supination

In shoe design there are two important factors to consider in order to customise the product to meet customer needs. Firstly, the degree of pronation. This means how the foot lands on the back heel and the roll of the foot over to the front in order to lift off again. A high degree of pronation means more pressure on the arches as the foot rolls from the back outside of the ankle and in towards the big toe. For foot health it is important to minimize overpronation by adding features to the shoe like mid sole support and rear foot stabilising to compensate and protect. The other factor that contributes is weigh. Getting the balance right is essential.

Shoe Types:

There are generally agreed to be three types of specialised shoe. They are the Motion Control, the Neutral and the Stability shoe. Each shoe type is designed to pick up on personalising the walking shoe to fit the individual. The Motion Control caters for a greater degree of pronation, while Neutral concentrates on comfort and cushioning without needing to compensate for a particular posture or correction. Finally the Stability shoe caters for lesser pronation and balances this with support and midsole cushioning.

Here are some Waterproof walking shoes:

The New Balance Women’s WW1069:

The New Balance Women’s WW1069 Motion Control is an excellent choice waterproof walking shoes. The motion control elements are designed to counter any overpronation with ABZORB mid soles and special cushioning to protect the foot as it moves from heel to toe. It also features a roll bar near the midsole to protect and steady the foot and avoid damage to the arches. While the harder material of the midsole corrects the posture, a padded inner surface provides great comfort. 

The shoe also a perfect choice for the seasonable changes. The shoe has a great breathable lining. It includes tongue and collar are secure and comfy. Most importantly the shoe features a strong Gore-Tex layer for maximum waterproofing efficacy and protection.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the New Balance WW1069 on Amazon.com

The New Balance Women’s 759 Country Walking Shoe:

Secondly, the New Balance Women’s WW759 Country Walking Shoe. The cushioning features of this design puts comfort at the core of the product. This shoe would be described as a neutral shoe in that it is designed to have a lesser correction against pronation. The feature design is able to focus more on cushioning and maximum comfort for the Sunday afternoon stroll or the hill top hike. The shoe has a thicker midsole for more durability and light weigh arch support.

This is another great shoe in the waterproof walking shoes range. This walker again has the high standard Gore-Tex layer for protection and breathability and all round excellent protection again the unpredictability of weather conditions. It will provide maximum protection so as not to compromise the enjoyment of walking by thinking of uncomfortable or unpleasant footwear and there will be no long term ill effects caused by inadequate footwear.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the New Balance 759 on Amazon.com

As with all shoes in the New Balance Neutral Range this product includes some of the most cutting edge features for comfort in a walking shoe. This includes the use of RevLite which is a lighter foam that still maintains the same durability as heavier foams, N-Ergy to provide a higher level of shock absorption and stability web which in common with Stability shoes allows a for greater flexibility of the forefoot without compromising the stability of the mid foot.

ASICS Women’s GT 2000 2 G-TX:

Finally an excellent choice in a running shoe would be the ASICS Women’s GT 2000 2 G-TX Running Shoe. Running applies stress to the feet ankles and joints as the pressure of impact is significant. A runner may be pounding on hard or uneven surfaces over a prolonged period and the correct support is vital to avoid short term and long term injury and damage. Feet, ankles, knees, muscles and joints are all vulnerable where inadequate preparation and the wrong equipment is used. The running experience is greatly enhanced by the correct footwear.

This shoe is designed in the stability range to suit the lighter person with a lesser pronation. Overall a lighter shoe can be worn where less arch control is required. Smooth heel to toe transition is provided by a stabilicore of injection moulding.

As with the previous products the ASICS Women’s GT 2000 2 G-TX is designed with waterproofing in mind. Quality Gore-Tex membrane protects from elements while duel density foam gives mid sole protection and comfort. The additional value of making sure, that any walking or running shoe purchased is from the range of waterproof walking shoes, should be considered as a serious quality enhancing option.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the ASICS GT 2000 2 G-TX on Amazon.com

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