Why fitness walking is good for losing weight


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Walking is one of the most effective ways of losing weight and getting in shape. It is also a pleasant and easy experience. This activity is gentle on your body but it is as effective as any high-intensity activity and hence, it could actually help you to succeed in losing weight. If you want to lose weight through fitness walking, you should ensure that your walking routine includes variety.

Why you should walk for weight loss

If you are planning to lose weight, you should not be worried about exhausting yourself or sweating out in the gym because fitness walking is a pleasant and gentle way of losing weight. You can burn almost the same amount of calories as you would while running or jogging if you walk steadily and briskly. Hence, if you do not like running, you can simply engage in fitness walking and still achieve the same positive results.

Fitness walking enables you to burn many calories. Your speed and weight largely determine the amount of calories that you burn every hour. However, you can easily burn 500 calories if you walk at the right speed. Hence, when you are planning to lose weight, it is a great way for you to exercise.

The advantages of fitness walking

Fitness Walking Shoes

You might need a good pair of walking shoes…

Fitness walking for weight loss is convenient and easy. You can get started without expensive memberships and a lot of equipment. The only thing that you need to do is to get a pair of walking shoes and start walking. You can include your walking program when it fits in the daily schedule that you have for yourself. In addition, you are free to do it wherever you want. This exercise is very flexible and that is why many people consider it very effective.

Fitness walking can be done in all types of weather and hence, you should not allow cold or rainy days to take your cardio walk away from you and force you to postpone the task of shedding the extra pounds that you have.

The Benefits

Many people consider weight loss an extremely stressful process that requires them to do more than just eat less and exercise. Many times, they get frustrated when they fail to see their weight dropping rapidly. Unfortunately, what most of them fail to realize is that their metabolism takes time to shift into high gear before it can start to burn the fat. Exercise is the best of all your metabolism stimulators and if you want to begin a weight loss program, you should consider starting with fitness walking because it is the premier cardio exercise that helps you to ramp up the fat burning furnace.

Fitness walking one of the greatest ways of moving forward towards fitness. The movements of walking or fitness walking can help in adding to your weight loss and they offer the added bonus of allowing you to fit them into your schedule with a lot of ease.

Walking is the perfect way for you to start burning calories by quick starting your metabolism. Physical exercise is a great way of shedding weight because it makes your belly fat to peel off and hence, you should start walking to lose weight while getting fit simultaneously.

Walking makes your day more joyful by lifting your mood. This helps in relieving stress, which in effect causes the body to produce a lesser amount of cortisol, the enzyme that is responsible for the creation of belly fat.

Walking with friends

Tips and Advice

Walking is flexible and you can practically walk for weight loss wherever you want. One of the greatest suggestions is for you to walk with a friend. This can help in making walking more pleasurable and according to health professionals, walking with a friend translates into faster weight loss by helping you to walk stronger and longer.

If you are a beginner, you should take it very easy in the initial stages until your joints and muscles start to get used to an increase in activity. You can then increase your pace and distance gradually as you start to get stronger.

Walking vs. Running

There is a certain myth that says that running is better as compared to walking. The truth is that briskly walking one mile actually helps in burning more calories as compared to running one mile. The only difference is that you take longer to walk.

There are other benefits of walking over running. According to a study of different consistent walkers and runners, the runners were more likely to sustain injuries. The painful health risks like knee injuries, back pain, and shin splints that are associated with walking are fewer. In addition to the improved muscle tone, improved heart health, reduced stress and increased energy, walking offers one other very important benefit – you can easily fit it into your daily schedule.

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